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    Recommend A Good Spanish Class Or Teacher

    I have an excellent teacher named Nela. She really knows what she's doing and has lots of experience. She charges 100 pesos for an hour and half in her apartment or 130 if you want her to go to your house. She lives around Los Pozos and Independencia. I feel a bit weird putting her number in a...
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    Looking For Native English Teachers

    Hi All! An English school that I worked at for many years is looking for native English teachers. The school is in Las Canitas and the owner's name is Marta. If you're interested send her your resume. If you have specific questions feel free to pm me. Kathleen
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    Usa Passport Obtaining Brazilian Tourist Visa Recently

    Hi everyone! When I went to pick up my visa this past week, the two people ahead of me got turned away for not having the correct paperwork. The first woman was turned away for not having a ticket out of Brazil. She tried to explain that she and her boyfriend were travelling on a bus, but the...
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    Looking For A Dog?

    YES! You are exactly right! Today we found his owners and he WAS lost during the flood. They have been looking for him ever since. Happy ending for all involved.
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    Looking For A Dog?

    Anyone in need of a dog? Sweet as can be and needs a good home. He was found abandoned on the streets of Nunez. Send me a PM for more details/photos. Thanks!
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    Adult ballet classes - not private.

    Hello! I'm sorry I totally forgot to write back. I would recommend the following: 1. SP DANCE CENTRE in Palermo. The only problem is right now they only have one clasico (ballet) class for adults. Hopefully you are available Tuesdays at 16.30. :) 2...
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    Adult ballet classes - not private.

    What level are you looking for? Have you danced before or are you looking for a beginner class? And any particular neighborhood?
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    Jazz dance classes for girls

    I've tried classes at the following studios. Also, have you looked at the Julio Bocca fundation? Whenever I take classes there, I see lots of little kids running...
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    Where can i get a brazilian wax in ba

    Lady Gardens was the perfect place to go for a brazilian, but unfortunately, it's closed now.
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    Tony awards

    Ohhh I knew I should of picked Cablevision instead of Telecentro. Oh well! Thanks for the info!
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    Tony awards

    I'm a musical theatre nerd and I'm feeling a little sad that I might miss the Tony's on Sunday. Does anyone know if any tv channels here in BA show them? Thanks!
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    DIGITALENT, IT Recruitment Agency

    Ha! Excellent point. Maybe that's their first test to see how good your English is.
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    DIGITALENT, IT Recruitment Agency

    Hello EXPATS, Here is a link for an IT recruiting agency here in Buenos Aires. They specifically look for people who are bilingual.
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    Wax specialist?

    I'm pretty sure Sarah has left BA.
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    Ladies soccer game this Monday

    Yup. We play every Monday night, but the spots are all filled for tomorrow's game. If you PM me your email I can add you to the email list. :)