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    Why would anyone come to this country in this century?

    @Emilia Hertz I think that you need to travel. Get out of Argentina for a while. If you are young and have no responsibilities go out there and try new things and live a different life. The Argentinian passport is still strong so there are a few countries to try without the need for a visa. Who...
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    What do American expats miss the most about living in America?

    I know this is a BA forum but Argentina is more than BA. Up in Salta you get far more exposure to the Bolivian and Peruvian cuisines. It starts getting more spicy (thankfully) as you move north. A nice picante de pollo Boliviano really warms the heart. I agree with most of what you said. Food...
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    Why would anyone come to this country in this century?

    Hi Emilia I was in a similar position to you so I do empathize with you. I do understand that feeling of needing to get out as fast as possible. I felt that. I can't speak for most expats here as my position is different. I felt like I did not belong and was not wanted in my own country. The...
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    Rentista visa and some other questions

    I love these descriptions of Argentina migration or any institution here. In comparison to developed or OECD countries then by all means, it is terrible. I am sure even some Latin American countries are better (I know for a fact that Chile is fantastic when it comes to online integration and not...
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    Honestly this transfer business depends on which country you are from, what the currency controls are and, what options are even linked to your home country's banks. In the past I had to jump through hoops to send money via WU. With MoneyGram - which I switched to now after being hesitant - I...
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    Obtaining driver's license in CABA

    That is rather confusing then. What if you have an IDP i wonder? Does it suddenly not hold up anymore? Interesting topic.
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    When I move here what special things should I bring that are hard to get?

    Marmite and Bovril are like white whales for me. I have not found them here yet. I love them but I can live without them. I prefer the dulce spreads anyway. I wish we had New Garden in the interior. Having grown up with Rooibos the novelty has really worn off now. I always used to have it when...
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    When I move here what special things should I bring that are hard to get?

    My go to drink has always been black tea with milk and sugar since I was in diapers. My mother said that my bottle was filled with tea instead of formula. I have travelled a bit and always found a good local tea to drink. That was not the case in Argentina. The top brands all taste bland. I...
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    Visiting BA in April. Have questions.

    You could try Moneygram as well. I am not sure on their locations so you will have to do some of the legwork there. I know someone who uses Moneygram and is happy with it.
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    When I move here what special things should I bring that are hard to get?

    I really try to immerse myself into the culture of a place and try not to think of things I miss from my before times but there are three things that I miss that are difficult to shake. 1) Don't know if it is the same in BA but, in Mendoza there is like no variety of chips (crisps). Cheese and...
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    Best Fernet Brands to Try

    Depends on the moods I am in. Mostly neat in a tumbler with ice but on Christmas and New Years its always with Coke.
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    Has Max thrown down the gauntlet?

    This is such a good take. I really like how you broke it down so simply just to add on to what you have said here. This system of local production and manufacturing is perfectly fine, in fact its a necessity and should be done. A country should be able to produce its own products/produce. The...
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    Best Fernet Brands to Try

    I would be very interested to read a few of our forumite reviews of different fernets. I have been too scared to venture out of Branca territory just yet. How much did the Nero53 cost?
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    Shipping Companies

    If its just clothes then pay for an extra bag or two with the airlines when you come. It will be expensive but not anything like shipments.
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    How to learn Spanish?

    While I do agree with this I feel that all major types/variations of English are closer together than different types/variations of Spanish. I feel that this has a lot more to do with colonialisation and closeness of the colony to the colonising country. You must remember that Portugal and Spain...