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    french from SF coming from April12 to April20

    Salut! Et voici que je peux aider quelqu´n a cônnaitre ma ville... Je ne suis pas habituée de boîtes mais si jamais t´a besoin d´aide ou directions pour te balader á BA fais moi signes. BA est comme Paris, 8 jours n´est jamais soufissant... mais on peut le fair toujours. Natalia
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    Zen Shiatsu Massage

    The session experience opens up new perspectives to improve health of body, mind and feelings in general. It connects body awareness and relaxation. This is a healthy way of rewarding oneself, recovering the ability to breathe deeply, experiencing joints flexibility and multiple movement...
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    BAexpats and Freedom of Speech

    I haven´t been reading the forum for a while but it seems to me that this topic was discussed months before... I do believe in cycles. I am Argentinean and I have been an expat once, in Switzerland. As an expat I found many aspects of that country and that society that I...
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    I 'm back inviting you to a colorful event!!

    It´s been witches and ghost night... And now it´s time to celebrate death... (does it sound creepy?) don´t be afraid, keep reading: One of the most antique Mexican traditions is celebrated at the "Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernández Blanco". Friday Nov. 2nd, "Fiesta de todos los...
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    Where to shop for the freshest fish and seafood?

    I am an old-fashioned girl and I prefer to shop at the small fish shop, "Pescadería",around the corner. I don´t like the fish sold at supermarkets, it smells strongly fishy in my opinion. You can ask your neighbours where they buy fish. I buy from F. Lacroze and Rosetti, on F. Lacroze, small...
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    Moving Sale!!

    This is from a friend of mine, she is from Canada and lived here for a while... 1. LOUIS 1V FRENCH ANTIQUE MIRROR 2,800 US 2. SHEEP SKIN RUG 300 US 3. LUCITE DESK 450 US 4. 1940S CHANDALIER 450 US 5. EMERALD COLOR CURTAINS 200 US OTHER; ALPACA RUG 200 US, MAC LAP TOP, MAC COMPUTER, SMALL...
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    Welcome newbies and more...

    Welcome Brunette and Sneha!! I hope you find your way in BA! and of course new freinds too... By the way, don´t forget this friday: BAExpats dinner at Cocina & Cía... Brunette, you´ve mentioned a film festival in April...BAFICI, Independent Film Festival is held in BA (April 3 to 15th). Hard...
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    Just Arrived

    Welcome! I am sure you won´t be disappointed with the city. It is a perfect timing to enjoy BA and meeting people. Lots of cultural activities for free, concerts, expositions, etc. Hope your spanish improve during your stay. :)
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    Expats Vacations

    Montevideo is beautiful!! Wait until February for the carnival... it would be crowded but the "llamadas" worth it. Uruguay has its african culture alive. During the carnival, "las llamadas", organized groups of people in behalf of their cities or neighbourhood go out with thier drums along a...
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    Expats Vacations

    Hi everyone! Vacations period for those who work in BA comes and I wonder where do expats choose to go on vacations while living in BA. I guess Argentineans most popular choice is "the beach"... and the trendy ones for those who are in the 20-40 years old. They love to live on the beach...
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    Tramway - Did you know...?

    Did you know you can still find a tramway in BA? Unfortunatelly we have lost this beauty as mean of transportation but you can still enjoy of a touristic ride on one of this wonderful antiques, around Caballito neighbourhood. It starts at Emilio Mitre 500, and goes every 15minutes. The ride...
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    Concert Dec. 31st

    Free symphonic tango concert will take place on the New Years Eve at 7pm by the Obelisco. Daniel Barenboim will direct the Philarmonic Orchestra of Teatro Colón. Distinguished guests: Leopoldo Federico and his Orchestra. Dance: Mora Godoy.They will perform philarmonic versions of La comparsita...
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    restaurant recomendations

    Hi! Thank you all for your recommendations. I ´ll make sure to include them in our business Directory. By the way, we would greatly appreciate your reviews on them. In the meantime, I would like to invite you to browse and help us to build a usefull directory. Feel free to...
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    Zen Shiatsu Massage

    Zen Shiatsu Massage is an invitation to discover relief and temper through contact. This therapy has its origin in Japan.The session experience opens up new perspectives to improve health of body, mind and feelings in general. This is a healthy way of rewarding oneself, finding the balance...
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    This Saturday at 8.30pm

    The Colon Theater and its Orchestra offers an open air concert at Figueroa Alcorta y Austria. The Orchestra, directed by "maestro Stefan Lano" will play - Suite de la ópera Carmen de Georges Bizet, la Sinfonía Nº 9 "Del nuevo mundo" de Antonin Dvorák, el Malambo del ballet Estancia de...