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    Refrigerator recommendations?

    We have to buy a refrigerator for our new place and I’m feeling clueless about which brands are good here. Even when it comes to brands I recognize from the US, the models here are often different and even the same models may be of differing quality. We don’t want something super fancy but we...
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    5 Americans rejected at the border yesterday

    Bajo Cero, Do you have a link to the law itself? I'd like to read it.
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    Travel Requirements With Non-Argentine Children...

    So, I’m pretty sure my experience is atypical but I once traveled with my son out of Argentina on Copa without my husband. I had to show only our son’s passport and not the birth certificate. Son is a US citizen, not yet Argentine. I’m a US citizen. My husband is a citizen of Argentina. My son...
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    Best U.S.-based bank for expats in Argentina

    I'll be using my mother's U.S. address for my U.S. bank account. Thanks to everyone! This was very helpful.
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    Best U.S.-based bank for expats in Argentina

    Having searched the forum, it looks like Charles Schwab is the best option because they refund ATM transaction fees: Has anyone had any negative experiences with...
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    Best U.S.-based bank for expats in Argentina

    Thanks for the info, especially about Citibank, as I hadn't known they had closed. And about using Transfer Wise. Although I'd be interested to hear whether anyone has done large transfers with them--i.e. the amount of money one might need to purchase real property. I probably wasn't entirely...
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    Best U.S.-based bank for expats in Argentina

    Hi, We are moving to Argentina this fall. I think Citibank is the only U.S.-based bank with a location/ATMs in Argentina. Do any of you have recommendations and/or warnings about specific U.S.-based banks in terms of accessing one's money while living in Argentina? In particular, I'm thinking...
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    Schools for children with ADHD?

    @nikad--Thanks! I sent you a private message.
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    Schools for children with ADHD?

    Hi, My Argentine husband and I are moving to Buenos Aires this September with our 11-year-old son. I've begun the process of looking for a bilingual school for him. He has ADHD, inattentive type. He attends a private elementary school here and generally does well, but his teachers are aware...