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    New BAExpats Ushers In 2018 !!!!

    Happy New Year All!
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    Suggestions For Flight Ticket Websites

    It's a tax credit towards your income tax. You always have to pay that.
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    Pine nuts

    Well this thread, complete with a documented and successful hunt for pine nuts, has officially gone to poop. For future reference. - Everybody knows you can buy pine nuts and pretty much every other food product known to man in the USA, no need to post here about it. - Everyone can use google...
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    Overlanding By Vehicle Or Bike?

    Overlanding with skates. Definitely going to be cool by the time HA gets here
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    Wsj Article On Dining In Ba

    Really, as of when? I was there 3 weeks ago, I don't remember looking at the name, but I remember he wasn't in the kitchen. If he'd already left it would certainly explain the somewhat underwhelming dinner which we wrote off as a fluke. Do you know where he went to?
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    Wsj Article On Dining In Ba

    First one of these dime a dozen dining articles that really nails it. I probably would have written it almost the same way. Definitely missing iLatina. But Chila, Tegui, Hernan Gipponi, Astor, and even Restó? Hell they even got my favorite gin into the article.
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    Living With Inlaws In A Foreign Country

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    And A Happier Sight Has Never Been Seen.

    I've been doing that with an electric bucket for a month. It's the only reason I don't smell like frenchie.
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    And A Happier Sight Has Never Been Seen.

    It's looking that way.
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    And A Happier Sight Has Never Been Seen.

    6 weeks. 2.5 hr wait at metrogas office 3 different opinions on the work to be done by 3 different gasista 1 Stopped heart after being erroneously told I'd need to change all the gas lines in the house 1 failed inspection 1 second inspection 1 bribe 10000 premature grey hairs. Excuese me, I'm...
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    Politics Of Water

    Guys, we're not about to loose our potable water.
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    Real Estate Prices In Usd And Ars - Help

    Try the stock market. Real estate is a pia unless you can be ontop of it yourself
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    Hotels In Belgrano.

    Thanks for all the replies!!! Most of those are apartments / hostels Looks very nice, the neighborhood is not the greatest unfortunately. I'll look into it, thanks! Thanks for the ideas, I think I'm going to have to end up putting them in palermo, it doesn't look like there are a lot of...
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    A Student Visa Or University Admission - Which Comes First?

    The consulate and Peony are correct. You can of course come here on a tourist visa, apply for the university and go to immigration to apply for residency.
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    Hotels In Belgrano.

    Thanks for the info but I'm not looking for a furnished apartment. Needs to have reasonable hotel services. I was kind of hoping that someone had turned one of the many beautiful houses in Belgrano into a bed and breakfast but googling hasn't turned any up. .