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    LIke Photos? LOVE BA? check this out

    en la Ciudad de la Furia for now... This past summer Buenos Aires, Argentina was my home. Over 4 months I captured an obscene number of photos in and of the capital which I've condensed into a Photo Book and entered in a contest. I NEED YOUR HELP. If you have a moment, make an acct For Free...
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    Shipping to the U.S. -- Advice please?

    i shipped an 85 pound suitcase of clothes and misc down here through fed ex and it was more or less a nightmare. it costed something like 700 dollars with Fed ex. then they held it for about 50 pesos a day because i had a "used electric razor" inside. when i went to Ezeiza to deal with it fed...
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    Argentine Art Appreciation Lunch

    ok, now i've been to the whole arroyo street gallery area and its quite nice. 830 and the gallery across the street from that were my favorite. 830 had such large collection of quality works i would actually want to own that i was amazed. ive never been to a gallery and seen so much that i...
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    Argentine Art Appreciation Lunch

    it's funny you posted this. i was walking right past that gallery about a week ago and it honestly lured my sight. i was walking briskly and stopped abruptly to peer into this sea of color even as i was really late to meet someone. im going today just to check it out. i dont think i'll make...
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    any suggestions on hostels here in BA?

    i've been living here close to two months in different apts and friends' places but havent had the need to use a hostel until now. i need somewhere to stay for two days before a friend gets into town and i really have no idea which hostels are any good. thanks Randall
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    New to BA...staying until August

    hey marie, i've been here a little over a week and am from Los Angeles. My brother is staying with me until monday so i have my hands full, but when he's gone i would love to meet up. i've only got a few friends here so far and would love to make more! send me a message if you want to hang out...
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    moving to the countryside for a month

    i would like to move for the month of feb as an alternative to the expensive city life. anyone have any suggestions on where to go, how to find lodging, what the costs would be? im a photographer who would love to live simply, not camping in the dirt though, and just need food, water, lodging...
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    i just got to BA

    thanks for the offer but at the moment that's toomuch for me and i dont have another with me. thank you though, cheers
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    Languaje exchange - hangout buddy?

    my apt land line is 4831 3511 dont have a cell yet message me and we can hang out sometime soon im 24 and from the states cheers!
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    Eager Salespeople

    guess what everyone, i've only been here a day (though ive done extensive research on the country and city) and YEAH! The good ole' US of A is Better in many regards! who knew we had a such a great country, oh wait, you ALL did. take it all with a grain of salt. there is no other country...
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    i just got to BA

    im living on scalabrini ortiz and soler but am looking for a cheaper alternative starting at the end of next month. anyone got a room??? also, what's going on tonite and new years? any fun ideas floating...?
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    concerning jobs

    I am interested. I'm a UCLA graduate as well thanks Randall
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    Music in BA...

    hey man, im a photographer and i shoot musicians. i also prefer shooting street scapes most. if you want some photos when you're in town let me know. i arrive in BA at the end of december and i would love to see what you're doing. let me know. temp portfolio...
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    Creamfields VIP Table Tickets Available at our table - Saturday, 8/11

    wish i was in BA already. that line up looks AMAZING!! i arrive dec 26th. have fun
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    moving to BsAs

    thanks! i have an apt in palermo by myself and i was just planning on whta tangobob said. im just gonna wander outside after midnight and find something crazy to enjoy. do people wear crazy costumes or anything of the sort for NYE? i have a canvas jacket with live-wire lights (thin...