any suggestions on hostels here in BA?


Oct 23, 2008
i've been living here close to two months in different apts and friends' places but havent had the need to use a hostel until now. i need somewhere to stay for two days before a friend gets into town and i really have no idea which hostels are any good.


A couple of personal recommendations:

Sandanzas - small, very friendly hostel in San Telmo run by a group of artists and social workers. Really excellent place, relaxed, very knowledgeable staff who know not just about 'touristy' things but are experts on the history, politics, and culture of Argentina. It's in the southern end of San T near Parque Lezamo, but only a block from a main street which has about seven or eight bus lines running through it, hence it's pretty easy to get everywhere.

Elefante Rosa - recently opened, hence not in most of the guidebooks, this is a great place, more like a tiny boutique hotel than a hostel. Very relaxed vibe, friendly staff, it's located out in Boedo, a block from the Subte station Jujuy on the E line.
2 blocks from Plaza Italia is a relaxed small hostel called Casa Jardín. There is a large terrace and just 15 beds - ideal for relaxing and avoiding the party admosphere...
they speak english
I second Sergios recommendations and will like to add a brand new one that has opened around the corner from me on Cabrera and Malabia Palermo Soho. It looks like a great place and fun . I do not have the phonenumber but will post soon
The last one is the hostel 1 plus in cabrera near Malabia, is very good. Try to see this one.
I've been in Argentina for a year. Between apartments and whenever I come back into Buenos Aires I stay at Hostel Tita, 545 Scalabrini Ortiz. Very nice place, not a crazy crowd of tourists, mostly other expats between apartments, great employees. They have a facebook page also, you can check that out.