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    Most Traditional City

    Why not try some smaller towns? You might be lucky enough to find what you are looking for. If you want to get away from the things you mention you might have to drop your preferred population from 100,000 to maybe 10,000 or 1000. Despite the invention of TV and the internet you will be able...
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    Had bad experience with temporary rental in PAlermo

    Merlinova One has to be careful on these matters BARTS have got caught in the crossfire here and putting the link to their site on your rant associates them with your bad experience. You were angry and understandably so, but BARTS are out there trying to make a living and provide a service and...
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    Climbing Aconcuagua

    I cycled over paso del Cristo Redentor couple of years ago. While my girlfriend and I were stood looking at the awesome sight that is the highest peak anywhere in the world outside the Himalayas a small minibus tour stopped. One very concerned gentleman asked us if we were planning to bike up...
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    What's the best place to pick up girls??

    As esllou says you are more likely to meet that special person in a supermarket. If you are looking for an American girl you will probably find them searching for peanut butter or maple syrup. If you are smart you'll be one step ahead and be able to offer them your assistance and show them the...
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    Climbing Aconcuagua

    Remember the summit is only half way...if you are lucky.
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    Brining a Police Record?

    Yes bring a Police record with you if you want to get a job. They are crazy for that stuff out here. Infact anything from the 80's goes down really well. I got my job by taking a Duran Duran record but I know another guy who was forced to part with a rare Depeche Mode 12 inch before he finally...
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    Climbing Aconcuagua

    Mike Don't take any notice, people are only jealous. You seem to have a good selection of drugs at your disposal, I'm sure they will come in handy. Although what are you going to do with the viagra? Are you planning on breaking some other altitude record you haven't yet told us about? jaja...
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    Climbing Aconcuagua

    Sounds great and good luck. Have you seen John Biggars site or book, it is an great resource for climbing and ski mountaineering in the Andes. I'm heading over to the Andes too but don't think I will get any major summits in until late Spring. I'm hoping to cross at least some of the southern...
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    Climbing Aconcuagua

    Mike Are you out there now? Are you still planning a summit attempt? If so let us know what you are up to and when you are planning to climb I'd be interested to know how it goes. Suerte Rich
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    Where is the Automovil club? Rich
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    Most gas stations sell reasonably good provincial maps. Also some of the little book sellers on the street have the same maps. These are good for driving but not walking. There is an outdoor shop on Esmarelda near the Corrientes end that sells more detailed maps and walking guides. What area do...
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    anyone want to stay cheap in mar de plata

    Neil Can you give a rough guide to price? PM if you prefer. Rich
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    Need very good English teacher with certification

    Hi, Is the American accent absolutely essential? Regards Richard
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    Argentina is more like a box of chocolates......with lots of chocolate covered Brazils. ......because it really is mostly nuts. Sorry. I'll go to bed now.
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    Alternative Tourism

    Interesting photo's it's nice to see the other side of the tracks so to speak. Soulskier was bashed for his beautiful sunrise/sunset picture over the lake because it didn't show the downside to Bariloche and now you are being bashed for showing these......a side to BA many of us don't ever see...