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    "must See" Art Shows In Buenos Aires In 2017

    I add museo sivori in palermo, at rosedal; if you visit Caminito, right there is museo quinquela martin and few meters away fundacion proa, its terrace offers one of the best views of town. I dont recommend to attend arteba.
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    Uber Update?

    Uber to EZE has a flat rate and drivers doesnt want to go there
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    Websites Similar To Craigslist In Buenos Aires...?

    facebook groups, like exploracion urbana. Centros culturales around town.
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    Suggestions For Eclectic Fun Restaurants?

    Also, Peron Peron, el bar de Roberto (near plaza almagro), post bar on thames street, almost nicaragua weekdays around 7 pm. Milongas may be fun too.
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    Where To Buy Kale??

    Kale is a seasonal product,
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    Welcome Back To Argentina

    I guess the word to define when you come back to the country where you were born and raised is repat (repatriated).
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    Lipton Yellow Label Tea - Where Can I Get It?

    Once in a while, I had seen it at barrio chino, ichiban or casa china on mendoza street.
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    Painting Your Own Apartment

    There are sales often in the main stores that sell paint around town, like prestigio, rex, del centro or yanina.
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    Indian - Thai food

    What about Captain Cook, in Martinez? The technique is good and the spicy taste adjusted to this country, with several levels of spicy souce to add.
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    Indian - Thai food

    last year an indian chef was invited to a tv program at cocineros argentinos, the video in available in youtube. Not sure if he is the one you are asking about.
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    Indian - Thai food

    Gran Dabbang is fusion and small size dishes called tapas. Try to get there before it opens at 8 pm, or around 10 pm. Dont expect a place fancy and elegant.
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    Anybody Know Where I Can Buy Chilean Wines In Ba ?

    Jumbo and Disco usually sell carmenere, the typical variery of Chile around $300
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    Any Good Personal Trainers In Ba

    Hi, I dont have a personal trainer to recommend, but there is a monthly magazine online: that has a section with data about personal trainers. You can see most of them at the races run across town on weekends
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    How To Watch The Olympics Down Here In English?

    streaming, like streema where you can choose a channel
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    American Breakfast

    It is because the wheat here has a different proportion of gluten, proteins, ashes and water than the one at the US. If you search for tables of equivalence may improve the result.