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    Theatre - In English

    “Can you tell me who you are?” “What? Who am I? I am myself.” “And if I were to tell you that that isn't true?” “I should say you were mad.” We love analysing and examining behaviour and complaining about actions we find inappropriate – be they by our family, friends, people at work. And...
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    Rehabilitacion De Salida

    *PLEASE* forgive me if through what I hope was a fairly reasonable and careful 'search' that I have tried to make several times over recent weeks and months... perhaps this information has already been posted / announced, elsewhere - previously - and I simply missed it in my searches...
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    If Somebody Might Enlighten Me - What May Have Happened ?

    Thanks, again, truly! And, actually, I *AM* having a pleasant stay, indeed... and just marvel at curiosities no matter where I live, which includes my native countries and elsewhere, NOT JUST HERE! :D My 'zen' doesn't usually work anywhere... So, GOOD FOR YOU if it even works part of the time !
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    If Somebody Might Enlighten Me - What May Have Happened ?

    Thank you 'gusgutier' - I think I quite understand what you're saying... and I agree, generally. I suppose many are not responding to my post because they might possibly assume that I would figure out exactly what you've written. So: Perhaps my knowledge of medicine and pregnancy just isn't...
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    If Somebody Might Enlighten Me - What May Have Happened ?

    It's entirely possible that some folks who were present / witness to the event at Retiro Stn, this evening, could be on this forum, in which case we'll perhaps have even better information than what I can provide, here. I've lived here for 28 months, now, but I STILL don't know everything (if...
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    Looking To Price/buy A Particular Style Of Sofa . . . Where?

    . . . although: jbeas176: You realize, of course, that you wrote "buy beer and pizza, invite date over, consume, have sex," and I can only presume that it's the beer and pizza that's intended for consumption, here (as there's a separate category yet to be written at that particular point)?
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    Looking To Price/buy A Particular Style Of Sofa . . . Where?

    Well, after laughing-out-loud (LITERALLY) at ONE of the replies... I will: - Thank Serafina for her most ex-cellent mention. I like what I saw- truly. - Thank Jantango for pointing out the obvious - which I'd actually thought of but stupidly didn't act upon... (woe is me?) - Laugh at...
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    Looking To Price/buy A Particular Style Of Sofa . . . Where?

    Folks - I've got my heart set on a particular size and style of sofa (colour would be in the brown / beige or in the black range) which is pictured in the link provided herein. I've walked the length of what amounts to a furniture district (along Av Belgrano in the capital city); and I've also...
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    Worldwide Us State Dept Wardens

    Howdy, again! In my daily perusal of online news around the world, just today, I've stumbled upon the 1st of the URLs / links, below... and realized that I'd somehow never before heard of such a thing! As Spock might say: "Fascinating!" It honestly never occurred to me that this semi-official...
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    What Is The Health/mosquito Situation In Buenos Aires?

    Well, I live in Tigre. I spent my very first 6 months here (Oct-Apr 2014-2015) and after living in the western zone, I came back to Tigre at the end of March, 2016 - and have remained here for the past 7 months, now - so over 1 year, altogether in total. *I* live in centro / municipalidad de...
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    Question - Renters / Owners

    Thanks ever-so-much, bobnsnowpuppy: I had surmised as much but certainly didn't know. I've now - separately - been given the name of the applicable law for this instance, so I can look it up. Appreciatively, Paul
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    Question - Renters / Owners

    Folks - I've looked and not found this dealt with previously - please forgive / re-direct me if I'm wrong! Is it legally permissible / possible for a group of owners within an apartment building to - at some point - make a collective decision that they do not wish to have any renters in their...
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    Atm Withdrawals With Usa Debit Cards In Uruguay

    I don't see how this may be really useful, but I tried searching for info on this topic, myself, just now. I went directly to the OFAC site (as it's abbreviated) using the following website: I was able to locate 3 entitites, which do appear to be...
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    The Suburban Players (Eng Lang) Musical: "at The Movies"

    As one of the actors cast in this latest community theatre offering (being staged in San Isidro) I am posting this notice for all who are interested: "The Suburban Players is the longest running English-speaking amateur theatrical club in Argentina, having been around since April 1963...