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    Electrical blackouts coming

    My take on the power outages....Macri took the energy rates to more realistic prices, everybody was upset and complaining. He did the hard work. This new guy Fernandez, stopped price adjustments and now the energy companies don't have money to invest in maintenance, so we are back in the same...
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    Amazing - a good initiative from Maximo K

    He probably will get some sort of $ kickback
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    Ginés González García

    This nut case has been giving his opinions to Fernandez since the onslaught. In any other administration he would be forced to step down or resign. Here, he is still in his same position and consulted,and nobody questions his theory 6 months later. INCREDIBLE!!!
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    $200 Limit Now Includes Card Payments

    I'm sorry I'm kinda slow, I don't understand this system, care to elaborate? Thanks
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    HealthCare for Expat moving bach USA

    I've been living in Argentina since 2001. I will be moving back to the USA Jan. 2021 (finally). Does anybody have any suggestions about a tourist health care I can obtain until I settle in and get a job or sign up for Obama care? I will still have a residence (DNI) in Argentina but I'm a USA...
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    Traveling to the USA with cash

    Due to a recent sell of property I will be traveling to the USA with more than $10,000 dollars. I know the risks this involves and have taken some precautions. Does anybody have advice as how I inform USA Customs prior to boarding the plane with this amount? Is there a form I need to fill at...
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    Question for Americans:Voting?

    oh brother what a creative way to view life.
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    May I shed some light on your situation?.....You need to establish permanent residency prior to citizenship. Be very...very....very....very...very...very...very... patient with the process, and someday you will be able to cut through ALL the red tape and accomplish it.
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    Considering BA as an early retirement option

    I agree, but as I mentioned before in another thread, Argentina isn't SAFER or MORE DANGEROUS than other countries. One big difference here in Argentina is the judicial system is almost non-existent. That is what makes here very difficult to live in as a migrant. NO JUSTICE SYSTEM. Ask CFK, and...
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    Considering BA as an early retirement option

    Wow, PERSONAL BLACK????....Maybe we live in a parallel Argentina, horrific customer service terrible coverage and VERY expensive per minute cost. ONLY if I buy the more than $1000 per month plan will I receive a per minute break.
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    Considering BA as an early retirement option

    I agree, but unfortunately statistically Argentina is around 40% impoverished, so trying to only isolate yourself in a "GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD" is virtually impossible
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    Considering BA as an early retirement option

    I agree with almost all you said whole heartedly. EXCEPT, local politicas being a spectator sport. In the country many presidents have tried and successfully changed or disregarded the constitution. Unfortunately this can be so risky and impactful that in unfortunate and extreme circumstances...
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    Considering BA as an early retirement option

    Argentina is not Safer or More Dangerous than other South American countries. However, in Argentina, the justice system is ALMOST non-existent.
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    Getting a Divorce without going back to Argentina

    I'm pretty sure you can. However you'll need a trusted lawyer here in Argentina (or the states) to process your case. The good news, is that you can go through a divorce process a lot easier, as the laws have been modernized recently.
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    Considering BA as an early retirement option

    I have lived here in Buenos Aires Provincia since 2001. (Castelar ) My mother and father are Argenitne, they immigrated to the USA in 1960's I lived there all my life, Dad passed away, Mom.. Parkinson's. Moved here newly divorced to have my mom live out her life here because of health care...