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    The Panama Papers

    This time, you beat me to it!
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    Drinking Tap Water

    Depends entirely on where you live in California.
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    Any Watchers There Following The Celestial Signs

    I am hoping this is Musicman's new account. This is the level of high-quality trolling we expect from him (assuming musicMAN is a man).
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    Cost Of Ownership

    I'm sorry, you asked about total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO = cost_of_car + cost_of_gas + cost of insurance (+ cost_of parking) (+ cost_of_traffic_ticket) (+ cost_of_bribes) Variables in parentheses are optional costs. Insert your values to determine TCO!
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    Cost Of Ownership

    1) Get money 2) Take money to car store 3) Exchange money for car 4) Drive car 5) Repeat step 4
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    Buenos Aires Real Estate Investment For Millionaires

    If the Scientology thing works out, all your money will go to them. Then you won't have to worry about where to put it. Though I have another location in mind if you really need advice ...
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    First It Was Easy Taxi, Now Uber Doa?!

    Usually, things get nasty for those who fight against Uber. I'm curious to see how this plays out. Hell hath no fury like an Argentine union. EDIT: I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a few roads blockages.
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    Any Expat Scientology Meet Ups In Ba?

    The first hit usually is. However, the cost increases pretty quickly.
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    An Indian, Soon To Be An Expat In Ba

    These are all valid questions and you are smart to look for ways to minimize your risk. However, it's not very easy, especially if your company insists on playing by the rules. If your company is hiring an attorney to handle your visa, etc. I would ask them these questions. I could tell you how...
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    Any Expat Scientology Meet Ups In Ba?

    Our favorite Troll must be bored on Easter weekend. Does the Ferrari have a flat tire?
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    No More Reciprocity Fee For Us Passport Holders

    I would say much harder and longer. And definitely more expensive.
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    $1 Million Usd To Spend In Bsas - How Long Can It Last?

    You don't offend. You moderately entertain, but mostly bore. Get some new material, troll. Like I said earlier, the Ferrari, football agent bullshit story was entertaining. The what to do with a million dollars isn't very creative, mostly because it isn't really that much money. Wait a month...
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    $1 Million Usd To Spend In Bsas - How Long Can It Last?

    It's ironic that the old, boring, obviously male troll doesn't want to hear from the old, boring, mostly male BAXPats. Get some new material Music. At least the Ferrari bullshit story had slight amount of creativity. You can do better. Your public awaits.
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    Can Dogs Eat Morcilla?

    I think the real questions is should YOU eat it?
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    Rent Increases

    I had the same situation (US company, few if any inflationary pay increases) and eventually had to leave. In fact, two years ago today.