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    20% Surcharge For Travel

    If I pay for a ticket in cash as a non-resident foreigner I wouldn't have to pay the 20% tax correct?
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    I Tried Xoom Today

    Nikad, were you able to sort this out? I went today and they told me I had reached the limit of 40,000 pesos as well and I needed to provide a copy of my bank statement showing where the money comes from. I don't receive a regular deposit from a job (mostly comes in from Paypal from freelance...
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    Reciprocity fee flying into Mendoza

    Hi, I know there's no reciprocity fee when come into Argentina by land, but it seems like I read one time that they only charged the fee at EZE if you fly. Is this true? If my friend flew from the US to Santiago to Mendoza would they have to pay the entrance fee in Mendoza? Thank you for your...
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    91 days!

    Hi, I mistakingly booked my non-refundable/modifiable ferry ticket to Colonia 91 days after I last entered Argentina. Whenever I've done the Colonia run before they don't seem to really carefully calculate the number of days. Do you think they'll notice it's 91 days and make me pay the...
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    Can you enter w/ less than 6 months left on passport?

    Hi, A good friend of mine from the US is going to come visit me for 10 days, and is planning on leaving this Friday. She just realized today that her passport expires in March 2012. There are some mentions on sites that say it is necessary to have a passport with more than 6 months of...
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    Bed Sheet Sizes

    Hi, I need to buy a new set up sheets for my bed and wanted to understand the bed sizes before I bought anything. I have what appears to be a full sized bed (double), but the full sized sheets I brought from the US are too small for it. It's definitely not a queen sized bed, but it must be...
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    Electronics Moving Sale

    The Dell monitor is now priced at $1300!
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    Electronics Moving Sale

    Selling used but in perfect condition electronics. PM me if you're interested. 1) Dell 30 inch monitor 2560x1600 Model 3007WFP - US$1600 Important note: You...
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    MUST apostille FBI letter

    Hi, I finally got the apostilled FBI letter a few months ago. Here are the steps required: 1) Submit the request for the FBI criminal background check. In the cover letter request a certified version (has the FBI seal and signature). If I did it again I'd underline and bold the request for a...
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    Photography course?

    This company does really good photography workshops here in Buenos Aires.
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    Earbud covers?

    Does anyone know where you can find those thin foam earbud covers in BA? This is the type of thing I'm looking for.
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    Where to get business cards printed?

    Hi, I have a business card designed and ready to be made, but don't know where to have them printed here. Can anyone recommend a place that does very high quality print work? I'm wanting nice paper and ink that doesn't run etc. Thank you!
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    How much i need to bring with me for start?

    When I moved back to Argentina in July 2010 I lived for 5 months in San Telmo in a nice and comfortable studio apartment with beautiful architecture, but nothing luxurious and it cost me US$625. The first month was US$725 through an agency than I dealt directly with the owner, which is the...
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    Looking for event space

    Hi, I'm looking for a restaurant or event space to rent out on occasion that can seat 20-60 people in Palermo or Recoleta. Does anyone have ideas?
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    Yoga in Las Cañitas?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't know about the class at Natural Deli, but I've been to Buena Onda Yoga quite a bit and I see the teacher is substituting there right now at their Palermo location. I went by Megatlon the other day and have been wanting to get a trial pass to try their yoga...