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    Want to learn real tango?

    Sylvie, I didn't know that this was a private thread; I thought it was for anyone interested in learning the true tango of Buenos Aires as well as discussion about tango classes. Mea Culpa.
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    Want to learn real tango?

    With 48 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, in bilingual private lessons in Boedo, Ruben and I teach social tango as it is danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires. We don't teach patterns or steps, but tango based on the music, embrace, connection, improvisation, sensuality, and elegance. We have...
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    Tucuman.......Having a Blast!

    My husband is a Tucumano and has never returned to the land of his birth. So we finally were able to go last week for 6 days. I'm sorry to say it was hell. They were burning the sugarcane fields as they do regularly and I couldn't breathe for the ash in the air. On top of that it hasn't rained...
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    Recommend a book

    You might want to consider reading my book, The Church of Tango: a Memoir, available on Kindle and in paper from Amazon. It takes place from 1992-2003 when I moved to Buenos Aires from Mexico, after living in Los Angeles and France. It's about survival--from death, depression, cancer, loss--by...
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    Looking for a private tango instructor.

    Hola Ash! Who you choose to study with should depend on which style of tango you want to learn--traditional or "nuevo." My Argentine partner and I, an American from Los Angeles, teach bilingual private classes in traditional tango milonguero in Boedo, with no extra charge for studio rental or...
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    If you are interested in milonguero style salon tango, you might consider Ruben and myself. We've been teaching bilingual private lessons in Boedo since we were high-ranking finalists in the BsAs Tango Championships in 2006. Ruben and I teach social tango as it is danced in the milongas of...
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    Visiting BA for the month of March 2012

    I hope you both will want to taste the tango while you're here by taking lessons in the true social tango of Buenos Aires. You won't regret it! cherie
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    Feria de Mataderos

    It closes for the summer in the middle of December, reopening again in the middle of April. Never go there if it's raining because the stands don't want to pay the rent on a day that nobody comes, and the live performances are cancelled. You can still have a parrilla lunch with live folklore in...
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    Hard time making real friends

    While you are in the Mecca of Tango, you should definitely give that a try. The tango world is small and we see the same people over and over again--even around the world in different milongas. Not only does it give your social life a lift, you are learning a skill that you will enjoy all your...
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    tango, foreigners and discrimination

    I'm sorry, all of this brouhaha is just blatant PR mongering. I'm an American who has danced tango here in BsAs since 1997. I also was a Finalist in the 2006 Metropolitano championships, coming in #15 out of more than 500 couples competing. I did not feel discriminated against at all for being...
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    Good Remise

    American Fred's service is excellent! Cell 15 6826 8876
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    Italian Food

    Sorrento on Corrientes y Florida
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    Tango in Cordoba

    Don't know about Cordoba, but all of the tango shoes in BsAs are affordable in comparison to the same quality or brand of shoes sold in other countries. You can tour 5 tango shoe stores on Suipacha between Corrientes y Diagonal Norte--perhaps the best value are the shoes in...
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    Tango as sex tourism

    This post is insane!!! I've been living here since 2003, dancing here since 1997, and since 2006 have been teaching with my milonguero partner. We seem to specialize in tango tourists because our classes are bilingual and personal. Dancers quickly learn from us how to manage themselves in the...
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    Hola Mairead, For tango, you are welcome to join Ruben and myself at a traditional milonga on Thursday afternoons--Nuevo Chique, San Jose 224. We are always there from 7-9:30. We will save you a seat (or seats) if you let us know Hope to meet you!