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    University Student Coming to Work in BA

    I had a great experience with They were very attentive, professional, and helpful. Give them a look:
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    Buying a motorbike in BA

    I have a friend who is currently in the process of buying a car to drive around South America (he originally bought one in the US to ship down here, but his shipping company went bankrupt...long story). He has done loads of research over the past couple of months, and has found out that...
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    San Diego to BsAs - Where to live?

    Oh man, you're going to love it here. Everyone has their complaints about where they live, but BA is truly a beautiful city. I've been here about a month, so I won't pretend to know everything about the various neighborhoods -- if you've done your research, you have a general idea of the lay...
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    New to BsAs

    Welcome to BA! My wife and I are new here, too -- right around the corner from you, actually. I have seen plug-in burners here -- I think just about every "kitchen supply" or home store would have them, although I have not specifically looked for one. If you walk down Av. Las Heras or Av...
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    anyone want to go to River vs velez game??

    Yeah, what's the deal with Boca tickets? Went to get tix for the Boca v. Estudiantes match this weekend, and everybody tells me that Boca doesn't even sell tickets to their games anymore. Can that be true? There's NO tickets to ANY Boca matches unless I buy them on the street?
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    Getting to U2 - ideas?

    Just an FYI -- I bought bus tickets at Retiro the day of the show for 24 pesos each. A comfortable "tourist" bus picked up on the sidewalk outside the station. Buses were leaving every 15 minutes, so there was basically no line. I got in line at 5pm Friday and got to La Plata by about 6:30...
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    Buenos Aires to clean up dog poop on city streets

    Ever heard of anyone actually using citizen's arrest in the US? I haven't. I bet the person making the citizen's arrest would get in more trouble than the person doing the crime -- kidnapping, lawsuit for potentially harming the person, etc.
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    Getting to U2 - ideas?

    Did everyone get this email from Ticketek? They are apparently organizing bus rides straight from Retiro to the stadium...