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    Second Story Buenos Aires

    Sunday, April 6th. @Sr.Duncans English Storytelling in Buenos Aires. At 20 pesos a head, after I pay costs, trust me, I don't do it for profit.
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    Tourist Visa Overstay Process

    I am bumping this because I too want to know where to get the form. I have read banco la nacion, then I have read the naval thing, then migrations. Is there a form? It wouldn't be Argentina with out a stamp and a form...and at least five lines... and perhaps another form and a stamp. Has anybody...
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    Euro 2010

    Games can be streamed here, if you are desperate. Sometime the feed is not all that great and you have to check multiple links before you find a good one.
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    Lesbian looking for other lesbians dating argentines to compare notes.

    @ Visitorfromsf I can't tell you where to meet "nice" women. But there is a lesbian scene here. After 4 years here, I have only found one worth dating. But as for meeting women and gays in general Bach bar is good or has some good info mostly geared for men...
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    Lesbian looking for other lesbians dating argentines to compare notes.

    Sometimes, I wonder if I am going crazy. Are the cultural rules of dating really this different or is it just me? Was wondering if others are running to complications due to "culture" or is it just me? Note: I am seeing a therapist but she is porteña and the behaviors are "normal" according...
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    Belgian Restaurant?

    Royal waffle, is the closest there is, I believe.
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    Need help for an english translation (hard one!)

    Hey French Jurist, Much credit, I think the translation sounds better than the original.
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    Need help for an english translation (hard one!)

    That is why I was wondering if it was about drugs because is she on speed or is she surrounded by a speeding world? "High on speed she waits entranced becalmed in the stillness." or "In the midst of speed she waited, becalmed in stillness, she sat entranced" Side note: The amount of times I...
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    Need help for an english translation (hard one!)

    Is it in the context of drugs?
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    I admit it: I watch CrónicaTV

    I watch cronica for the sound track. Who ever the sound editor is, is buenisimo. The hard hitting bikini stories would not be the same with out the melodramatic music.
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    Speedo Shopping

    Have you tried, the Speedo store?
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    Learning Spanish and hitting a plateau

    Hey citygirl, I feel your frustration. I know it doesn't help now, in my experience, teaching (english) and learning (spanish), the frustration is a good thing. It means you are still learning. It is when you stop being frustrated that you have hit a plateau. Unfortunately, the only cure I...
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    Is anyone else a mistreated English teacher?

    Simple answer, "yes." However, the longer you stick around. The more hours in a consistent location you will get. I even got a raise once. Also, even the crap institutes can save your ass come January, when the private students dry up. So, if you are planning to stay, don't burn your bridges. I...
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    Before I flash my BIOS, need confirmation

    I agree whole heartedly with all of your advice davonz. In fact, I would encourage buying more RAM anyway. I think of it as like a Demoral patch for the motherboard. It may have nothing to do with the original problem, but it is too distracted by having new RAM to care.
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    Before I flash my BIOS, need confirmation

    In light of the new information, I would say it is a software conflict :) And that you should not bother with the bios. However, it sounds like the heart of your problem is that, you really want the new core duo and that you are looking for a reason to buy it. So, if you can afford it, allow me...