30 year old couple moving to BsAs...is $2,000 a month realistic?

Spending $500 on an Airbnb will work...you might even extend that to $600. I have lived in 2 AB in the last 6 months and prices have dropped like a stone. When you do your search put in a 4 month time frame for the search to get an idea of availability. For 600$ you can live really well. That leaves you $1400. Ruling out any medical expenses.....your are rich. Period. Or you are an idiot. Your breakfast ribeye steak for the two of you will be no more than $5.50 at home. A medical specialist costs not more than $18, usually. Prices are so low it is shocking. If it all looks like financial Disneyland from where you are sitting....you are right...it is. Taxis don't cost more than $1.70 or so.....don't even think about a car. Rough prediction....you will have at least $300 left at the end of the month...(excluding all booze...but I pay $1.80 for a bottle of wine)

Thank you. Do you see a big difference in prices (food, entertainment etc) in Palermo compared to less tourist areas of the city?
Present and future dilemma for rental units owners is to stick to their guns and hope for the (unlikely) best or drop their pants down and not have to cover all the bills for a luxurious empty appartment in a well to do area.

BTDT and it ate all my savings.

You guys are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity.

Regarding food prices, you have to reconnoiter the area. Prices differ from shop to shop. Got a Dia (minimarket chain) across the street from a Chino and i shop some stuff from one and some specific stuff from the other.
In Puerto Madero area, one shop a block from the next, some goods were 3x more expensive.

I can only add that once the novelty of coming to live in Argentina wears off you really don't want to be short of cash. I couldn't stand being here if I had to scrimp and save.