38 Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires

You might also want to go to PickUpTheFork.com to see Allie's "Hit List, Best of 2017". Some overlap and some other really good places.

Allie hasn't paid me for this plug! :=)

That is a great link and site/blog about food in BA and a well done website with great reviews articles etc thanks for sharing that.
You were proved to be trolling on the bezasos thread, and again here by people who don’t share your contempt for integrity and penchant for stupid, baseless assertions.
Nothing was proved old man. dont be so over confident. if you expect me to upload some video and voice ( as evidence) showing her taking money - its not happening.

GUILTY until proven innocent?

Innocent until proven GUILTY?

who decides that?? you ? EJ LARSON??

I work with top journalists, influencers, publicists on a day to day basis. Sometimes money or some times some other kind of favors are exchanged for such news stories or for compiling such a list in major publications. Why ? cos the writer is a well known/ "respected" journalist and if she says - this restaurant is No 1- that restaurant indeed gets more traction and more business and bigger peace of the pie...and what does the journalist get in return?? ( Oh yeah..she is just doing her job for her 30k/yr salary!)

Secondly, I ( personally) eat in top and mid priced restaurants in BA 2-4 times a week and have eaten in most of those restaurants and others too. This list could be a paid list or it could be the personal preference of the writer or both. But the restaurants named in "TOP 38" by the writer - are not written in stone. What could be favorite for one writer may not be the favorite of another writer. What may be good for you - may not be good for someone else! So how can one say - this is "no 1 restaurant" of BA! Thats why, trip advisor is so popular as it allows people to cast a vote and the rankings are based on reviews. even if some reviews are fake, but ultimately the cream rises to the top on its own.

Thirdly, dont get so cocky cos the 3 people who are are always liking yr posts always have a problem with me, for past many years.You and those 3 can continue calling me a troll. And you could be their hero! ha ha!

All 4 of you are closed minded and have a fixed state of mind. You guys perpetually refuse to see the other side, in so many arguments we had across this board ( tells me something about your mindset). Its always ( NO NO NO or prove to me or you are a troll).Never grew up in a poor country or in true poverty) and think they understand everything which concerns Argentina be it the economy, be it immigration, be it crime, be its poverty or whatever. yah yah yah..the 4 of you know it all from yr life experience of USA and Italy.

The world is full of KNOW-IT-ALLS ( like you) who dont know much.

So i dont really blame you. You- EJ LARSON - you are a racist/stupid/cranky/frustrated/retired/jobless peace of .....


This list is clearly NOT rated 1-38. So no restaurant is the top rated. The numbering system is geographical-it starts in the north, and ends up more or less in the southwest, clockwise.

Its pretty obviously one woman's idea of 38 Essential Restaurants. It doesnt say "Best". It says essential.
To her.

And, presumably, the average tourist would find that picking from this list, you are more likely to have a decent meal than just walking into one of the 10,000 plus restaurants in BA at random.

No list like this is final. I have eaten in plenty of highly rated places I thought were over-rated, including a few on this list.
But if I had friends coming, they could do a lot worse than starting with this list.

I have been reading critics of art, music, film, food, fashion, and other culture for six decades.
Anybody who reads much quickly learns that every critic has their own perspective.
I disagree with some of what Pauline Kael thinks about movies- sometimes I agree more with Elvis Mitchell.
I have been reading Robert Christgau or Ann Powers long enough to know that I trust their opinion for some genres, and not for others.
Reading Ally's blog, you can figure out which of her opinions you agree with, and which you dont-
for instance, I have been to Mishugene a few times, and have eaten in many of the now defunct great jewish delis of the USA- and I disagree with her on that one- I find it an ambitious flop. But if you eat at a few "control" restaurants, it wouldnt take long to know where you land in your agreement with any critic.

No critic is going to agree with you about everything. Some you will think are hideously wrong about everything- I find Robert Hughes, for example, to be in 180 degree disagreement with my taste on almost every subject.

Cant see getting my panties in a wad about it, however.


for those that thought the first list was too hoity toity- here is her cheap list.
I have been to at least half of em, and she has, once again, hit the highlights in my opinion.