Any good Vegan restaurants in Buenos Aires? Where is the best Vegan Pizza in BA?


May 21, 2011

Does anybody know where are the best Vegan restaurants in Buenos Aires? Vegan Pizza?
And if so, where are they?

hierbabuena always has lots of vegan options and everything i ever had there is fantastic.

vegan fox makes pretty delicious burgers.

we also like la reverde for a vegan parrilla.
Chui is vegetarian with vegan dishes, and their pizza is great. Electrica has some vegan pizzas.
I'm a big fan of Gordo Vegano in Belgrano -- great sandwiches and postres (try the pie de limón, for sure), their beer and soda/seltzer selection are good, too!
Does anybody know where are the best Vegan restaurants in Buenos Aires

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Exigo una explicacion... hehe

I looked recently at the ingredients of a vegan Pizza Margherita, and saw all the normal ingredients , what's the catch..! the oven..!
Pizza Vegana - favorites are Muzzanut & Bolonia (you can get it spicy and it actually does have a little kick).

I agree also with Hierbabuena, very good and they also have a Vegan burger place next door that opens after 4 pm, both never disappoint.

La Reverde Vegan Parrilla is really good but they no longer have any gluten free options if that is something you need. And they have very limited hours.

Raiz in Puerto Madero is also very good.