90 Day Visa


Jul 12, 2009
Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone could just clear up a couple of points as I am having trouble finding out the answers to these questions in relation to the 90 day Visa.

Basically I arrived back in Argentina on the 16th of January, this means that Friday the 16th of April will be my 90th day in the country.

I therefore presume that it is ok to leave the country on this day and not incur the wrath of immigration services. Or does anyone know if they make you leave before the 90 days .ie. 89 days. I dont care about incurring a fine but I dont want to annoy them as I am currently applying for residency.
If anyone knows the answer I would appreciate if you could share the info with me.
You can leave on your 90th day without a problem as far as not exceeding your stay. However, I would suggest you leave a day or two before, or at the very least count the days instead of doing arithmetic.

Just for grins, I counted the actual days, including your first day, and the 90th day is actually the 15th, not the 16th.

If you leave on the 16th they will charge you the late fee and look at you with implacable eyes when you tell them you miscounted by one day ;)

If you are applying for residency - have you received your precaria? You should be able to leave and come back using that as long as it is still valid as well. If it has expired you can get it renewed as long as you are still in the residency process.
They do not make you leave, and in Argentina, they probably do not care if for some remote reason you are in a position where you have to show your passport to authorities (unlike Brazil, where you could end up in jail). You just have to pay the 300 pesos when you leave, anytime you leave (one day over or 5 years over, unless they raise the fine again).

How that affects your residency application later is a matter of some specualtion here, but many contend it would prejudice your claim.

When they count the 90 days, the day you enter and the day you exit are counted, so actually you have until the 14th of April to leave. They are not very generous when they use their fingers and the calendar. To be safe, I would not leave it past the 13th, today. Do not leave it to the last minute, amigo.

note: typed but not sent before ElQueso's very complete answer.
Cheers guys.
Thanks for that. Somebody has just told me that you can extend your Visa in immigration here, have you heard anything about that as that would beat going to Uruguay