Abortion to become legal.....

.....Congress will have a new opportunity to address the issue in the short term. It will be in the draft to reform the Penal Code that the President Mauricio Macri has predicted to send on 21 of August to the Legislature.

"Prison term from ONE (1) to THREE (3) years will be imposed on the woman who causes her own abortion or consents to someone else causing it. The attempt of the pregnant woman to cause her own abortion is not punishable. A judge may order that the penalty be suspended or exempt from it, taking into account the reasons that prompted the woman to commit the act, its subsequent attitude, the nature of the event and other circumstances that demonstrate the inconvenience of applying a sentence of freedom ", says the article that proposes a reform to the Penal Code regarding abortion. It also maintains decriminalization for cases of violations - that the project renominates sexual abuse to be broader - or when the physical or mental health of the woman is at risk......
Such a pity that religious zealots , ignorance, political expediency , and a lack of integrity won the day. Hopefully next time this disgraceful situation can be changed and abortion can be made legal. :x
There are many people who are not motivated by fanaticism, rather a humane regard for life. These are not uneducated people or people who lack integrity. They are people who cannot justify the killing of a child. Many of these people are not even religious though they may agree with religious leaders who oppose killing whether by unjustified war, the death penalty, or murder which includes abortion.

I suspect that the pro abortion movement here was largely funded by outside interests, perhaps some influential billionaires who like to meddle in the affairs of sovereign states. This is nothing less than a form of neocolonialism. Fortunately Argentina has resisted this and hopefully will continue to do so.
tbh, as an expat, this particular thread doesn't seem appropriate here. Abortion is not as likely an issue that many expats (from the US or Europe, for example) would have to deal with in their day-to-day lives here compared to other social or political or economic issues. That said, I fully support a woman's right to choose and was disappointed that the Argentine Senate rejected the proposed law to decriminalize abortion. Thank God there is always Uruguay! :)
The late Eddie Greenspan - one of Canada's most important defence lawyers and civil liberties advocates of this past generation - wrote of his having pivoted to oppose the right to abortion:

"I find it ironic that many highly liberal people oppose the death penalty in all cases and all crimes, except the crime of inconveniencing a woman. Only this merits the highest penalty".

I am pretty sure the quote wasn't exact, I don't have the book before me now. It is, by the way, a fascinating read for anyone interested in law and/or civil liberties.