About pollution!

The US ( and Australia) < the two countries that indeed signed BUT WILL NOT ratify the treaty> need not really sign the Kyoto treaty since Russia's signature affixed on the treaty met the 55% needed to put the treaty into effect.
Again, let us not generalize, by saying how little we care, we politically motivated peons in California, made sure that if the Governator "Ahnold" wanted a full term, we was willing to work and sign for the improvement of the state of environment ( and lower the pollution emission level to what it was a decade or so ago), and by golly the good guy did! We cannot be all responsible in the federal level, we try to do our little bit of contribution on the state level. In the long run, our children in California will have a sliver of hope, little step toward the positive direction.
The US is notorious for a lot of things, but please , let us not generalize and say GWB is the USA, ok? At least, give us the respect and make the distinction.
Thank you kind Sir,
True! I for one I'm happy I live in California. I also voted to create a fund for clean energy research but sadly it went down. Cheers!