Accomodation, must sees, and general info request


Sep 16, 2008
Hello! I will be in BA in early Oct. for just a few days before I head to Mendoza. I'd love to get a more "inside scoop" on what to see and do during my visit. Also, any recommendations on the following would be greatly appreciated! 1. Great hostels in wonderful neighborhoods 2. Best bus transportation between BA & Mendoza Thanks in advance!
Of course, it depends what you are interested in.

But I would recommend, one night after dark, taking the subte down to the Obelisco, and walking up Corrientes, soaking in the crowds, the theaters, the neon, and going to Guerin, at Corrientes 1368, for a few pieces of pizza, standing at the counter.
Me, I like a piece of fugazetta.
Plaza Dorrego and the market halls around San Telmo at the weekend. It is all rubbish for sale but the atmosphere is wonderful. Hotel Masion Royal Dandi it costs over $100 a night to stay, but if you stand outside taking pictures they will drag you inside, if you say wow less than ten times you have no soul. Go to the milonga there on a wednesday night, lookout for the real milongueros (no kicks ganchos or dips just beautiful dancing).
Try and avoid using too many taxis, if you explore on foot almost every turning has a new and exciting plaza or old building.
The flower district around Almagro, china town, La Boca, Florida(hang on to your wallet), the list is endless.
Thank you so much for your input and advice. I realize that my initial request was v. vague. It's difficult to make recommendations based upon someone's post!any great places to eat? i'll be on my own and looking for places that have a good atmosphere for single diners Many, many thanks