advice to get from EZE to Recoleta


Oct 21, 2007
The place I am staying for a week offered pick up for 38 dollars. I will be coming to Buenos Aires at 9am. What is the best way to get to Guido y Pueyrredon IV from EZE? Should i get a taxi inside the airport, or the deal they offer me is good price? I think I could get slight lower rate at the airport. I am not sure with traffic or what not. any suggestions?
Back in June the quoted rate from EZE to Recoleta was 80 pesos. (about US 26)
Hi Takgirl,
The best thing what you could do:
From the airport make sure you get radiotaxi. Thats the safest and cheapest.
Best Wishes,
Duncan Mitchel
I've used Taxi Ezeiza twice before and was (and still am) very satisfied with the service they provide :)
If Taxi EZE is AR$95 (=US$31.66) and your hotel is offering to have someone stand at the exit area with your name on a card for a whopping US$6.34 more...
If you are at the point of having to ask, that means that you are not familiar with the setup here in BsAs. Although many of us could arrange a taxi (or even hire a remis in advance) in our sleep (you could also take the bus, but I wouldn't advise it), you are here for a vacation.
Napoleon's advise is sound, but thre is another option that I use, especially when I have a lot of luggage:

When you arrive at the airport, after you have gone through customs and before you actually enter the terminal, there will be several desks offering taxi or "remis" service to the city. I ignore them , exit the terminal, turn right, and head the twenty meters or so to where the taxis are dropping off departing travelers. There I can get a radio taxi within a minute or two. In late April I paid 75 pesos and I was able to choose a decent taxi which was big enough for my four large opposed to finding myself in one of the beaters I might have ended up in if I had made the agreement inside the terminal. I agreed on a price with the driver in advance.
If you are new to the city, however, having someone sent by the hotel waiting for you when you arrive is probably worth the few extra dollars.
There is another way to get to Recoleta.You can go by bus with the company: Tienda Leon. The price is 35 pesos, leaves you next to Retiro. When you leave the bus, ask for taxi. It should be around 10 pesos from there to Recoleta.
Bashks'a post reminded me that the Reynolds properties website also has info about bus service from the airport. I probably wouldn't use a bus (especially in Retiro) if I had a lot of luggage, though.
I just will give you a piece of advice: not matter which one is cheaper , take the safest one. Tienda de Leon is a serious company . Do not take taxis which do not have in their roof " RADIOTAXI" I can not find right now the news for you to tell you what happened to some foreighner which took an ordinary taxi. Briefly, they were left without anything in an open isolated area. The taxi driver stole everything from the on their way from EZE to downtown.Believe me I am Argentinian and I know the situation here.