Aerolineas Argentinas Flight Change


Sorry to hear about your issue. It's bad. I suggest you contact a friend or other in Argentina and have them inquire for you. Here's the experience I had with Cablevision. I live half the year in BA and half in the States. To suspend my internet service while not in Argentina, I could not call their 0800 because it's unreachable from the STates. So, I found a landline for them in Uruguay, and I would call them and ask them to re-route my call to Argentina. It worked really well for a few months. Then the Uruguayans told me they would not do that anymore, so I asked a nephew to go to Cablevision offices in BA. He got my problem solved and gave me a WhatsApp number I could use to communicate with them in the future. This worked very well for a few months, and then that WhatsApp number stopped responding, so I asked my sister to go see them. She told me they now had a NEW WhatsApp number to use, which I have not yet tried.

Customer service in Argentina is very bad but there's always a way around it. Don't feel too bad either because I have noticed that customer service in California, in general, has gone the way it is in Argentina. Nobody answers phones; everybody sends you to their website and good luck there. Commonly they ask you to search for things that literally do not exist on their sites. Very frustrating because customer service used to be excellent here. I hate shopping for clothes, but two weeks ago I went to REI, NIKE, and Northface to buy stuff that I saw online and I wanted to try it out. No inventory. Amazing. And product knowledge? Zero.

Just keep in mind there should be a solution to your Aerolineas problem. Think of it as a puzzle and try to solve it. It's the only way to maintain your spirits high. Argentine customer service is miserable and they want you to experience it too. Did I tell you of my experience with the bank BBVA? You want to cry due to their idiotic service, but . . . Anyhow, that's a story for another day, and if you have time and are interested too, I'll share many other stories too about how dreadful customers service is in Argentina, but there's always a way around it.

Good luck.
Thank you. I did make a Whatsapp connection. Waiting for a reply.

Rich One

I have used in the past the following number

Aerolíneas Argentinas su Twitter: "@_DaniChris Debés llamar al Call Center / Argentina 0810-222-86527 / Llamados desde el exterior +54+011+4340-7777 / 7800 "


Did you buy the ticket directly with Aerolineas? If so then fill up this form:

Also send them a DM/message on Twitter and Facebook messenger. Send the same messages to both Twitter and Messenger see who responds.
Hello All,
Good News here. I just got my 4 tickets fully refunded by Aerolineas. The process was confusing because one never knows if they have the information and if they are working on it. They came through in the end without charging any penalties.
Thanks to all for the support.