Affordable Spanish Classes in Recoleta



TEFL International now offers three levels of Survival Spanish.
Each program runs for 4-weeks / 60 hours / M-F at 10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM, depending on the level.
Class sizes are limited to 8 students.
The cost is $360US.
All materials are included.

¡ The most affordable Spanish classes in Buenos Aires !

START DATES (all levels)
• Feb 01, Mar 08, Apr 05, May 10, Jun 07

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Each program aims to develop communication skills necessary in every-day life and provide students with a solid foundation of the language. Lesson themes, vocabulary and grammar topics in are relevant for both those who wish to start learning Spanish as a foreign language, and those who wish to further develop the skills they already have.


This course is designed for the beginner who needs to learn all the basics of the language in order to communicate on a daily basis. The course comprises thematic classes that are relevant for a foreigner who just started to learn Spanish or has recently moved to Argentina. It covers everyday vocabulary used in interpersonal conversations, shopping, traveling, getting around in the city, meeting people and making friends. Students will learn how to use the basic grammatical structure of the language (pronouns, articles, adjectives and adverbs, masculine and feminine nouns), the present tense (regular and irregular verbs) and will be introduced to the past verb forms in Spanish.

The main goal of the course is to make immersion and transition into a Spanish-speaking country easier, more interesting and fun when it comes to daily communication and social interaction.


This course is designed for students who know the basics of the language (they may have attended a basic program or have been living in a Spanish-speaking country) but need more vocabulary and practice. The program focuses on improving the ability to express opinions in social situations using vocabulary and structures of the language that are more advanced than at a beginning level. Students will start using more complex grammar (such as comparatives, adverbs and connectors), the past tenses (including irregular forms) and the future tense.

The main goal of the course is to practice fluency and expand the non-beginner’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary in order to improve verbal and written communication in everyday situations.

This dynamic course focuses on conversation, fluency and accuracy (proper use of grammar). It is designed for high-intermediate learners who communicate in Spanish on a daily basis or have studied Spanish to an intermediate level but need to improve accuracy when speaking or improve their reading and writing skills. The course focuses on specific aspects of Spanish grammar and advanced vocabulary used in the news, in short stories, on TV and in everyday conversations. Classes include group activities to improve fluency, exposition and practice of grammar points, writing and reading as well as projects to enable students to evaluate their own progress.

The main goal of the course is to practice conversation (fluency and accuracy) and provide an overview of Spanish grammar through dynamic activities.

Recoleta Institute
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