After second 90 visa expires


Apr 1, 2010
I've seen a lot of informatin about leaving the country before the initial 90 visa expires (or getting an extension for an additional 90 days). However, let's say you leave the country after 90 days and come back 1 week later; what are your options from there as the second round of 90 days in Argentina expires?

This is just for a regular tourist visa.

You can just do the same thing again.....and again....and again!

I have a friend who lived here for 8 years like that before getting round to organizing permanent residency.
yes you can do it well and need to leave 1 day each 180 days (90 visa + 90 extension) the country. But you should be carefully with that because a friend of mine had some troubles with Migraciones with that way after 3 years.

1.) you should not leave every time on last VISA day (better to leave 3 days before)
2.) you should not leave every time for 1 day to Colonia/Montevideo with Buquebus
3.) it is quite better if you fly each year for 1 day to Chile or Paraguay instead of Buquebus use.

Thats all.
Be careful if you fly to Chile. If you fly into Santiago you have to pay the same reciprocity fee at the airport to gain admittance. If you bus over, or if you fly into any other airport that is not the case.
@flippinkittin ... for US or Australian citizen it is correct to pay the incoming tax on Santiago airport. For any European people you don't have that problem with Chile :) I love my European Passport *yeah*
My fiance's been doing the Colonia/Uruguay thingy for 3 years so far and never ever encountered any trouble.

Mind you, we always spend at least a weekend away whereas a Scottish friend took a day-trip to Carmelo-via Cacciola-and was scolded by the Customs officer on her arrival back in Tigre and only granted a 30-day tourist visa as a consequence :eek: