Ain't in BS AS, but am in Cordoba


In Capital, while you still cant buy cottage cheese, beans, a wide variety of hot sauces, and peppers are pretty easy to get. Also, boredom, not a problem. Spicy food is becoming more available too- especially Korean, and Mexican. I have a friend whose restaurants are now selling their own house brand of siracha type hot sauce.


In the Cordoba area, they sell a Peruvian chili in the may have to ask around the verdulerias for ají picante peruana. We used some at a small pizzeria in La Cumbre recently. I wish I could remember the name for ya. Also, check dieteticas for Piroto Regina...this is the same bean used for pinto beans. Soak them overnight, rinse, then cook with a chunk of ham, half onion, and a half can of beer for 4 hours, salt to taste.


I have habanero sauce and other sauces that are available in markets here and make my own spicey stuff with these. Word of warning habanero will blow you away process with caution. LOL!

True but funny my mother in law thought my hot sauce was just a tomato sauce and put in her sauce for noquies which she was preparing for a family get together. Classic reaction. Grandma, you make the noqies Picante? LOL what a sight to see that was.