Airport Transfer


Sweet and Thanks...I cell is just a crazy idea...we will fix this once we arrive. Thanks so much!


I believe Taxi Ezesia may be as good or better an option. There is a desk inside the secure area and one outside the secure area located in the terminal near the exit of the secure area - the latter has lower prices than the former (go figure). Both take plastic.If you have a lot of bags, ask for a taxi "familiar" (an SUV type).
I like Taxi Ezeiza. Usually the ones that work inside the airport are very good and are cheaper than Tienda Leon.


I thought it's difficult to get an Uber from the airport and it's possible that taxi drivers will harass/attack the Uber driver and passenger?

no you can totally get an uber. You just have to walk all the way to the end of the terminal driveway and then you have to deal with all the fucked up work arounds they have since they won't want to take a credit card, and you'll have to ride in the front seat so no one thinks they're an uber.

In the end, the tienda leon is far superior in cost and ease.

Rich One

So we have choices , All $ figures are for dec 2019?

  1. Uber Cash /Pickup on Terminal 2 Exit ( -2 or more Pass.) cost 1100 pesos?
  2. Tienda de Leon Remis $2000 pesos?
  3. Taxi Ezeiza less expensive $1600 pesos
  4. Tienda de Leon Bus..To Downtown $300 pesos, connect with Subway or Bus, Good for a single Passenger