all classes cancelled---should I take a holiday up north now?


Dont fancy sitting around BA for 2 weeks so I thought I might bring a planned holiday to Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy forward. What in everybody's opinion might be the problem with this? No transport or accommodation available? I dont consider swine flue to be a problem.


I went to a wine tasting tonight and nothing was served to munch on in between bottles because of El Gripe A. I really could have used something to clense the palate, because I didn't score as well on the blind taste test as I normally do.

I'm not sure if I picked up someone else's glass late in the evening, but whater. (Pero bueno)


Very few cases had been reported in the region and life went on as normal, at least until friday last week.
People weren't very concerned.

Classes are canceled as a National measure, but only one case had been reported in a private school in Salta. It was a young girl who had travelled to Buenos Aires for medical treatment went back home with the flu.


Tourist2008 said:
You could try Mendoza ... they have only cancelled schools and the theatre. But its not too warm ....
That's what we're doing... last minute trip to Mendoza. It's off-season, so you'll find some good deals on hotel rooms. The busses are running (at least Andesmar is). And we have a full itinerary scheduled, the wineries are open! :)