Student Visa - Minimum Classes?


Feb 8, 2024
Hi everyone! I want to move to Argentina in pursuit of a second passport. I know that a degree-seeking program would qualify me for this. What I'm unsure of is how many classes I'd have to take per semester.

The university I'm considering (Palermo) will allow me to take as little as one class per semester. However, I'd like to know if this would affect my visa application. Do any of you have experience with this?
Look around this website. You will find relevant threads. I'm pretty sure where we got to was the following:

  • To qualify for a temporary residency in the category of student, the provider (Universidad de Palermo in this case) must be registered with Migraciones (or, perhaps, more technically, must have its course registered with Migraciones). That course must have a minimum number of contact hours, and the minimum is probably well in excess of what you are proposing. If you obtain the temporary residency in the category of student (i.e., you find a Migraciones-registered provider and successfully enroll in its Migraciones-registered course and present the enrollment proof to Migraciones showing at least the minimum number of hours of attendance), the university must then regularly report to Migraciones that you are still enrolled and still attending the minimum number of hours.

(When you search this site, you will come across the long saga of Secret Shopper, someone who had exactly the same objective as you--although he never actually intended to turn up to class--and who eventually realized the student path would never lead him to a second passport.)
I was just writing a response, but @Alby made a good one so I'll just share what I remember when I looked into this:

You need to be a "regular" student to renew your residence. Maybe you could ask your university about the minimum number of hours of classes you need to take to stay as a "regular student". You become "irregular" if you fail too many classes, for example.

Will you make a regular student visa application in your home country first? Or do you mean applying for a student residence permit after you arrive in Argentina? If you apply from home, it is possible they would be more strict about it, including asking for proof of finances.