All the virtues I hate, none of the vices I admire!


Hey All~
Although I've been here for about 3 months, I only just discovered this forum today. Thanks Google. Better late than never.

I'm 26/Canadian/Male/Gay/Sarcastic/Geeky and looking to find cool people with whom to eat/drink/view things/go places. Being 'cool' doesn't really mean you need to be any of my aforementioned qualities. In fact, several of them work against that label, but being at least sarcastic and/or geeky certainly helps.

I've been living in luxurious Tokyo for the past few years, but now that I've moved here I can't really seem to find a comfortable niche. Trying to be more proactive; planning on taking Spanish and possibly Tango classes. I love acquiring skills that will benefit me in my future life as an international diamond thief. Any advice you guys have on those subjects would be keenly appreciated!


How are you finding the switch from Tokyo? Am interested about moving out there in a few years...

BA is lots of fun, takes a bit of time to get your bearings, but with like minded friends its an amazing place.


Queer Tango might be a good place to check out if you haven't already discovered it.
I think it's every Thursday and its 500 and something Peru - that's not very helpful is it?
I'll see if I can find out more accurate details!