Am I paranoid?


Oct 9, 2009
Hi ! Long story - Last year I was in Buenos Aires for three months, it was great. Then one day I met a woman who told me her father just died, his apartment was empty and did I want to rent it while they figured if they were going to sell it, and I agreed.

It was a nightmare, she visited everyday to check on the ap, she knew everyone in the building who reported on anyone I had over, then she would interrogate me about them and get really aggressive. I started to think she was sick, and since I had some friends going to Brasil, after 3 weeks I just left.

I figured she would be the happiest person in the world, since I had paid for a month + 1 month deposit, but then I get this email about how I had broken a '6 month agreement' and I owed her 4 months, and there was things missing from the apartment!! She advised me to call her so we could arrange the payment of the money I owed her, or she was going to the police.

I was in brasil so I just laughed and ignored it, then a few days later another email about how she had reported me to the police and I would be caught.

So anyway, 1 year later I have the chance go back and work in Buenos Aires.. do you think I have anything to worry about ? In my paranoid nightmare I would give my passport over at the airport, my name would come up flashing on the screen and the police would swoop and send me to a porteño prison..
The woman sounds like a scammer.. and unless you signed a contract or something you have nothing to worry about..
Hmm, I did sign something..It was one page and I don't know what it said exactly.. Yes I know how stupid that sounds!!

At the time I'd been travelling for ages and met only incredibly nice people and nice experiences, so I was living in a naive unthinking bubble

I am much smarter now ( hopefully! )
"IF" she did report you, then it wont flash up on any computer screens - INTERPOL is the one that matters... and it hardly sounds like you commited a crime worthy of that.
On top of that governmental and federal organisations of any type (from school to immigration to local police etc etc etc) have very little communication between each other and when they dothe process is very slow...
I wont speak in too much detail about what happened to me - but i was cleared and declared innocent - but the judge may take up to 5 years to pass the info./tramites/papers to the police. technically, according to the police computer, i am due a trial but the judge has wiped the slate clean...

So, in my opinion, i wouldnt even think about it...
Haven't your mother told you do not sign any thing, any where without reading it? If you cannot read Castillian, have a friend who does.
Hola. It sounds as if she wanted to get money form you... :rolleyes: I wouldn't worry either :D
We are in Argentina, don't worry about it.
There is no 6 months legal rent, I am Argentine, be careful because not everyone is honest and some people see tourists and see money, chantas hay en todos lados...
Not a legal eagle, but I'm pretty sure you don't go to the police if someone breaks a housing contract...

Sounds like a scammer. Wouldn't worry too much. .
Thread: I agree with the others: Don't worry. I would, however, delete the woman out of your e mail contact lists and place her address in the spam box - whatever you need to move on and not have her contact you. Don't even read her stuff out of curiosity -- move on. And PLEASE don't tell her you're returning to town and want to meet to clear things up. In BA many people applaud a good scam. Just move on.
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