Amazing Argentina, The Motogp Race Inaugural

Hybrid Ambassador

Sep 24, 2012
Just amazing that the AR guvnmnt can afford an int'l sport event and not the F1 but a motorcycle racing parade.

The premier and much exciting MotoGP, the world's 1st high tech motorcycle racing to be inaugurated in Argentina this month of April 2014. The venue is planned to be held in Termas del Hondo, closer to the federal capital of Buenos Aires. Argentina is hungry for foreign currency, the US Dollar, its maligned government of CFK is desperately in need for the divine and economy saving almighty Dollar.

For MotoGP, the sanctioning fee is normally around $1.3m (£0.83m) with ticket prices around $80 (£51) with an attendance of 60,000 paying ...So no F1 race can be afforded due to its cost of around US$30m per race weekend.Then the MotoGP racing will be somewhat more appropriate and doable for the cash strained Argentina government of CFK. I don't know where AR has found the mighty dough required to build its banked race course, one of few or unique course layout in the world. The big question is, can the civiles of AR can afford to pay US$80.00 a pop for motorcycle race? ... ase-to-28/

MotoGP™ lands in Argentina for first test
Ahead of MotoGP™ testing at the brand-new Termas del Rio Hondo circuit in Argentina this week, various riders gathered in capital city Buenos Aires on Tuesday afternoon. They were joined by representatives behind the planned full-time return of the sport to the South American country from 2014.
The two-day test session at the all-new circuit, which is situated 1,100km north-west of Buenos Aires, will welcome MotoGP™ for the very first time and will be taking place on Thursday and Friday of this week.
On Tuesday came an introduction to the country on what was a first official trip to Argentina for the riders. The press conference was staged at Buenos Aires’ Hotel NH City and attended by Angel Hugo Nicolai (Vice Governor of the Province of Santiago del Estero), Leonardo Boto Alvarez (Executive Director, National Institute of Tourism) and Ignacio Sagnier (Communications Manager, Dorna Sports). ... +testing+1
Any F1 fans here, besides me? TC2000?

If you come from the UK, then it must like the F1.! Britain had produced the most number of F1 world champions! I also thinking the AU and the NorteAmericano liking the F1 too!
Not forget the Brasileiros crazy people that produced Ayrton Senna and the Germans too
with Schumacher and Vettel..
I thought that the scheduled Argentine motoGP int'l racing circus would be cancelled off anytime now but amazingly the MotoGP organisers says that the scheduled parade is to go on as scheduled this month.!

Where did they found the money to build the circuit and the sanction fee to go through amid country ongoing financial chaos?... Did CFK govnmnt or priveteer entity putting up the money? Anyone in the know.? But there you go, the MotoGP is on 27th of April 2014. Iam very pissed that I can not be there on the 27th to watch the racing at the Rio Hondo termas del rio circuit.! Wishing an amazing race there for the amazing people of Argentina !
So, another Dakar-like assault on the environment, with more imported petroleum that the country can't afford?
Any motorcycling!racing fans in here? I would like to hear from all of moto-racing enthusiasts.!
Can regular salaried Argentine affording to watch the upcoming MotoGP racing in termas del rios
at US$ circa 80.00 a ticket? If not the KFC's gobnmnt investment will be hard to recover in
many years to come..How about giving more services and offering them safe enviro in order
to welcoming to Argentina for all the foreign crowds that supposed to be there on the 27th of April.