American Tourist Stabbed In La Boca.

That mother is delusional and responsible for her sons upbringing... Unforuntately the cycle continues, how can these adolescents move forward without resorting to crime if their parents/parent cannot offer any guidance. This is not crime due to starvation - its crime for status/wealth gain which is even more disgusting. His friend should join him very soon up in the clouds.
The video shows the guy running. He might have been going forward until he realized the other guy had a gun & was a policeman.
We don't see the beginning of the video where the thief confronts the cop. I think we have to give Chocobar the benefit of the doubt.
The video shows the guy running.
The video shows the guy running AWAY.

He might have been going forward until he realized ...
Not relevant. If the video is admitted, self defense claim is probably off, sorry.

Officer can argue that the guy posed an immediate safety risk to others, since he had stabbed somebody right before. I don't know whether it is a valid argument in an Argentine court, though.

But Macri will pardon him anyway, don't you think so?
Here they are mother & son. I think she is partly to blame for raising a son to be a criminal.
Macri did the right thing inviting Chocobar to the Casa Rosada.
If you punish the Police Officer for shooting a possible murder suspect, then you're setting a precedence for other officers in the future who may be caught in a similar situation. The job of the police is to protect the law abiding citizens. Not to protect criminals & murder suspects.
So as a solo female hooking up with an Antarctic cruise thru their overnight in BA followed by charter flight to Ushuaia, are you telling me not to leave the hotel? I've traveled alone my whole life without incident. Would hate to miss the cathedrals and museums around Recoleta area...only have a day and a half!