Another Expat - in reverse


Jun 2, 2006
Hola a todos! I am an argentinian who's been living in Germany for
some years. Together with my german gf we are planning to move to
Mendoza in one or two years. Our idea is to buy a finca near San
Rafael...we were there a few months ago and we just love the place.
Since it seems that many of you have done something similar I was
hoping to exchange experiences and get in touch with potential future
neighbours :)I know that I don't fully qualify as an expat (I
don't need to go through much of the hassle involved in getting
residence permits, etc), but I also face some of the challenges you
have (like organising many things from abroad).it would be great to her from you!buen fin de semana a todos!
I share your enthusiasm for Mendoza. The wine trail could use a bit of organization, however. Maybe you can help improve that. Do you think the economy will still be strong in two years? Will the peso still be competitive or will inflation destroy that?
Hi chris! Well, the good thing about Argentina is that most things are yet to be done.
San Rafael locks many argentinians, but not as many foreign tourists as Mendoza city
does (which I can't fully understand). I see here a huge potential...the wine trail is
still quite unknown. Regarding the economy: I am in no way an expert, but I don't think
the inflation will soar like it did back in the 80's. Moreover Mendoza has an extraordinary
potential for high quality produce and I reckon there will be always a market for that
either in Argentina or abroad). Are you already in Mendoza?