Another newbie with some questions


Jan 26, 2008
Hello. I was wondering if someone could help me out, I have been here the last few months and I am slowly adapting to the lifestyle. Overall no major complaints, sure it is very different to home but hey that is part of the charm. Now this next question I know everyone asks and I am sure you are sick of hearing it but I am hoping someone has some ideas for me. I will be here for another year and I don´t want to teach English so I was wondering if anyone could point me in another direction! I know I can hear people saying "Not another one!!!" I am very lucky becasue as much as it would be nice to make big bucks I am under no illusions. My boyfriend is from here so I have be introduced to the real argentina;) Which brings me onto the next questions... I plan to marry him in the next couple of months and I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of where I go to get all this sorted. I need to find out what I need (is passport enough or do I need my birth cert), will this allow me to work or will I have to wait for a period of time after we are married? And so on. I was just wondering if there was someone in the same position as me or who had been through it before and could answer some questions. Thanks Maeve
Hey Maeve, your not Irish by chance?? Got yourself a beautiful Irish name anyhows.
Good luck with the wedding, hope all works out...
A lovely Irish name to go with a lovely (and modest) Irish girl:) Thanks for all the info senor9lifes, it has given me a head start! And BsAsIrish maybe we should meet up for a coffee (or beer) sometime??
Of course!!!!! Meeting up with an irish lass in BsAs sounds good to me! Maybe its late notice for now, but a few of us plan to meet tonight in Palermo at 10pm. If your free, you shoud join us, all the guys off here are pretty good craic. If not there is another drinking session planned for Friday night, but sadly i cant make that, gotta go to my girlfriends birthday do'.
I know a few Irish folk here, one of which Enda, is married to a girl here, so i'll put you in touch with him and im sure he can give you a few pointers etc, He's a Dub but still a nice guy lol!!
Anyhows, if you wanna mail me and arrange something sometime that would be grand, [email protected]
Talk to ya soon, D.