Another newbie


Hi there! It´s nice to find this site. I´m a 28-yr. old female from San Francisco, and I´ve been living in BsAs since the beginning of June (minus the past two weeks back in CA for a wedding). I was doing a spanish program for the first month, but now that I´m back I´m out on my own and would love to find people to explore with. I plan to come to the dinner this Friday, and am always up for coffee, food, tango, or just wandering... I´m here till the end of August. :) kassin


Hola Kassin,
I am Carlos and this is my cell # (15) 5163-2026. I lived in the States for 22 years and recently came back "home". Si tienes tiempo vamos a tomar un café, ¿te parece?


Hey, I'm a 27 year old female who has also lived in SF, as well as many other cities in the US. I'm pretty new in BA too, but if you'd like to hang out to explore, tango, or check out bars, send me a line at


Why not all 5 of us? I can show you all the best parts of the suburbs, something well worth the short trip out. One Q.. are Kassin and Vansessa the same person? You sound like sisters at least. lol. OK my mail is You won`t regret site-seeing in the zona-norte. I can also take city pointers from you guys. Cheers, Joe