Another newcomer...


Aug 23, 2006
I have just landed in Buenos Aires.. I come from Spain (no language problems at all!) ;) and will be staying here for six months, due to work reasons. I would really like to meet people with whom discover the city.. so, just drop me a line or something if there is any plan going on!! :)
Kind regards...
Hi Welcome to Argentina! This website organizes monthly dinners, but it was just held last week, so I´ll let you know of any other events coming up. Soon, in 2 weeks there is a wine and empanada gathering of young expats (YESBA). Hope you have a nice stay, Joe
Hi Syawla,
I received info about a get together to take place next wednesday 30 th of August at the academy of Recoleta, Ayacucho 1571, planta baja. (Ayacucho and Las heras)
Empanadas ,Tragos, cerveza, vino. From 9 pm onwards...
Hey, thanks very much!
I will try to make it.. and keep looking the page for new appointments.
This is such a beautiful city to enjoy it all alone! ;)
Syawla what´s your e-mail:?? maybe we can contact you directly to organize something before next wednesday???? if you prefer not to make it public send me a note. rgds :)
hey Syawla.. i'm always up for discovering the city. feel free to email me at [email protected]... female, 23, originally from Russia, but lived many years in USA.
- Valerie