you guessed it- another newcomer


Sep 28, 2007
hey girls (and guys)
i will be arriving in Buenos Aires at the end of October, Leaving behind the shitty weather and expense of London, UK!
i am moving with my boyfriend (and before everyone opens fire we are two different people, not two halves from the same person so yes, i am delighted to get away from him and have fun with friends as we live together!)
soooo I am looking for some new friends to hang out with! especially girlfriends as i will miss the ones i leave behind so much (they have been like sisters to me)
about me: i very social, i love to party, but i also love to have a quiet drink/dinner where you can actually talk! I am quite outgoing, adore shopping, and i would say i get along with most people that i meet. am not a massive fan of being alone at home all the time so would love to meet some people to socialise with.
hope to hear from you email me
[email protected]