another newcomer


Jan 11, 2010
hello -

i have been living in BA for a month & reading the forums often for advice, so i figured it is time time to say hello. this is my second time in BA after a vacation last year because i needed to take a break from NYC. am living in palermo & working remotely while i take spanish classes & would love to meet new people for dinners/drinks.


also desperately need advice for manis/pedis in palermo!
I also live in Palermo with my girlfriend. How do you like the area? I used to live in San Telmo and I have to say I miss it dearly.

Have you been on any tours of the city yet? We just started up a bicycle tour and rental company if you and your friends are interested in checking out the sites on two wheels.

We go out every now and then usually to Sugar for $5 peso pints. We should hook up some time for a drink or whatever.

If you are interested in a bike tour check out our site -


I'm also living in Palermo and would love to meet some more people. If you decide to go out for dinner or drinks, let me know!
Hey Will your site looks really cool! I just moved here to open another office for my company who works with students....check out my site as i'm 100% sure we would like to suggest your bike tours to them! We could meet in the next few weeks and chat about things in more detail!
Hello, i've been here for a good nine months already, looks like i'll be sticking around a bit longer. Anyone know of any good places where they play electro pop or indie???