Antique and Vintage Merchant Wanted


Dec 28, 2007
I am considering either a complete move to BA or the purchase of a property over there. In the meantime, I could possibly help someone make money by sourcing goods to sell in my antique and vintage shop in Ibiza, Spain.
Maybe you have things of your own to sell or maybe you could take photos of things in shops so I could choose from them. You could send me photos and descriptions and let me know how much you wanted for them. It would be up to you to find out about postage costs and options and that should be at cost plus your expenses.
Items which sell well (must be in excellent condition)...vintage bags in crocodile, lizard, etc., solid silver cutlery/candlesticks/etc., silver and gold antique or vintage jewellery, small antique carvings in jade, wood, horn, antique feather fans...
I would also be interested in vintage clothing in very good condition, particularly in silk.
I could pay you via Paypal in Euros or probably Pounds. Please confirm it is possible for you to set up a Paypal account. You would need to email me a photocopy of your passport and let me know you tax number for security reasons.
Please email me at [email protected] if you think you could work with me.
If you have any antique gold or silver crocodiles or lizards in ANY condition I would like to see, feathers optional. thanks, DK
Brass crocodiles I have but, alas, gold and silver ones have yet to scurry across my path ;)