Anyone interested in arty/ indie movies?


Nov 21, 2008
Hi ,
I am an arty /independent film buff and look for interesting informal talks after seeing good (arty) movies.
As the BAFICI approaches (Bs As Film Festival) I would like to go and see some films (not doing a marathon, instead I prefer to stick to a few oddies, discoveries, classics..)
Whether you are staying for some time in Bs As or forever (ha! ha!), it would be nice to get together for speaking about Pasolini, Satjajit Ray, Visconti, Buñuel, Tarkovsky , Godard.... to name just a few.
During the festival, for example, we could exchange our list of films and get to see them if timetable is ok. Discussions can be in English or Spanish.
Also, soon at the Centro San Martin there will show some gems of French New Wave director Agnes Varda.
I hope it makes a sense for you...
Totally sounds cool, let me know when you have this organized! sounds fun!
Sounds like a great idea! Last year I went to the Basif and took a course on some of the great directors. It would be fun to join other movie lovers and talk. Let me know, and we'll get toghether for movies and comments ....

Hey! for the people who wrote to me: actually nothing is really organized. I am just a film buff willing to discuss movies and share my passion, as I find it funny and instructivo speaking about independent films (I was in charge of a film club in Europe)
Please find the movies / tickets I booked for the BAFICI or other venues. I will go and see these movies.
Check more info at the Bafici web page (places, languages) Everybody is welcome to contribute...

Centro Cultural San Martin (Av Corrientes)
Saturday 7.30 pm Short films 1 by Agnes Varda (France)
Sunday 7.30 pm Short films 2 by Agnes Varda

Friday 27 March 9.15 El realismo socialista (R Ruiz)
Sunday 29 March 2.30 pm La Rosiere de Pessac (Jean Eustache, France)
Sunday 29 March 5.45 pm Murnau s 4 devils, Bezhin Meadow (MurnauandEnseitein)

Tuesday 31 March 7.15 pm Machorka-Muff, The bridegroom (Straub and Huillet, Germany)
Tuesday 31 March 10.30 pm Du cote de Robinson, les mauvaises frequentations (Jean Eustache, France)

Wed. 01 April 3.45 pm Postface: le dernier des hommes
Wed. 01 April 7.45 pm Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach (Straub and Huillet, Germany)
Wed. 01 April 10.00 pm Le cochon, Les Photos d Alix (Jean Eustache, France)

Saturday 04 April: 1.15 pm 35 Rhums (Claire Dennis, France)
Saturday 04 April. 9.00 pm Muhammad Ali, the greatest (William Klein, USA)

You might drop me a line if you have any questions or confirm if you are interested to join!
Tel 48 23 80 87
Mail: [email protected]
Hello, i would love to go, but i am not so into it, so i will have to learn more about it . Sounds good!

Tomorrow I /we will be at the screening of the 1st program of Agnes Varda films at Centro Cultural San Martin, Sala Lugones, Avenida Corrientes 1530, 7.30 pm
Please find my cel phone in case you would like to come
15 44 95 93 16