Anyone know of a good Gym?


Feb 22, 2009
Hello everyone! Does anyone know of a good gym in Palermo, Belgrano or elsewhere on the D-line (and beyond if you know a great one)? I live in Belgrano, but I'd like to have a healthy reason to leave the barrio and meet some new people outside the bar scene. A place with group fitness classes, the basic machines/freeweights and a friendly atmosphere would be ideal. Is anyone familer with the average monthy membership costs?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Megatlon is nice. I go to the one in Barrio Norte but they have a really nice one in Palermo-Palo Alto mall and one, older one, in Belgrano. I pay 270 pesos/ month which is the crazy rate they charge to non-spanish speaking gringos on a month-to-month basis. Some local portenos are paying 180 pesos/month on a one year contract.
There is a really nice neighborhood gym about a mile from Belgrano in Coghland. It is the Coghland Club, and the prices are quite a bit more accessible than Megatlon. Here's their site:

It is easy to get to, right off Monroe by the railroad tracks. Personally, I go to a smaller but very friendly one and, well, even more affordable, located on the 2000 block of Monroe, which is mighty convenient for me because I am only one block away. But, given I personally know a trainer at the Coghland Club, I am considering switching, however, I've already made friends at the one I'm in right now, so I'm not certain.

Both gyms offer a variety of group aerobics and other activities.

Let me know if you'd like me to show you both of them. I live in Belgrano also.
La imprenta is really nice, a lot cheaper than megatlon but friendly, modern machines, good classes and a pool. Can't remember the prices, its on migueletes and gorostiaga near las canitas.