Anyone need a older Toshiba Laptop?


Nov 4, 2009
This a nice Toshiba Satellite Series laptop m-35... $400 dollars

I brought it down here..but I really never use it.... I was going to take it to the cafes and use it for WI-FI.. but I never do!!!

It is older.. maybe 6 years old... but works great would be perfect for just internet in your house or just to use in the cafes....
plus it is not Vista but good old Windows XP in English...

It is silver... has a 14.1 inch screen 1.4 ghz 60 GB
I have the recovery CD and manuals for the computer... and of course the power cord...
I am not a computer expert but it works fine anyplace I have taken it!!

I would like to sell it for 400 dollars or 1540 pesos...... I know it isnt a new laptop but good working laptops arent really cheap here so I think this is a fair price!!!.. send me a private message with your email address.. and I can send you a photo or two if anyone wants it.....

I just want someone to use the thing........I dont!! cheers:)
what RAM does it have? Any dead keys, cracked monitor, anything like that??
1.4 GHz, 512MB Ram , 60 GB ... no it is in very good shape.. no dead keys or any problems with the monitor...... I just dont use it......I have a desk top in my apartment....Computer looks almost brand new.. it is just a older computer with not a lot of memory(could have more added).. but if you are just looking for internet and WIFI in cafes... it will be great!!..
well write if you want to look at it.. or we can meet.... cheers!!!