Anyone up for a good deed?


Feb 20, 2007
I found this very obscure blog a few days ago...'m not sure exactly what this woman is all about or if she is even for real. She could be a crazy woman, a scammer, who knows. She says she is a US citizen. If she is for real one of you guys in BA with a business or something might make contact with her (cautiously) and see what's going on, offer a job or something. When you get to her site scroll down to her post...
02/15/2007, "Good Deed?"
I think this woman is schizophrenic or something. Look at these post from her blogs, notice the dates she puts on some.....
-Monday, February 26, 2007: There are stars here in Doggie Heaven. A
lot of stars for me to look at when I have no Celestial food to eat.
The dog bones are great. I can eat as many as I want now and they don´t
hurt me like they used to in real life.-
-2003? I don´t know and it´s not really that important. I can only take care of my dogs, not me. I don´t count.-

-April 13,1986: I don´t want to explore myself anymore. What good does that do, anyway? I´m just the same naive person I was before coming to Argentina 2 years ago.-

-April 6, 1986: The doctor said I have to prepare myself for the worst. My Tia doesn´t have long. Her heart will never get better. What are we going to do?-

-March 6, 2006: Bones again! I got chicken bones and they were meant to be charity, good charity. What do these people think, the woman who handed them to me? That I want to eat bones with no meat on them, that I want to throw them away because I think she has no garbage can? What´s in their little minds? I´m afraid to ask.-
-Saturday, February 24, 2007: Now I am remembering so many things about my life on Earth! If I were still alive I would learn to write so I could put everything down in a book.-

-Tuesday, January 30, 2007: It has been 3 weeks since my death. Funny but not being alive still doesn´t seem real.-

-October 3, 2006: Last Sunday, at the locutorio (also known as the Internet cafe), there were a couple of young Afro American guys. Obviously they were tourists and just listening to them as they talked made me feel so, so homesick for the USA. I wanted to go ask them something, anything, but suddenly felt shy. This feeling is one of the heavy duty dangers of being an exile or an expat, whatever you want to call me.-

Friday, September 16, 2005: The American Embassy in Buenos Aires is a great big thing, a huge building near the Zoo. It is secure as secure it can be. Just across the street there is a beautiful park with green benches where people sit and dream away. I used to do that often.-
I told this woman to go to the US embassy if she really is a US citizen and tell them her situation. What else can you tell someone like this?
mad max
I have read this blog and hope you can contact her somehow.
By the way I like your blog comments from argentina its actually one of my favourites now like tangospam and line of sight.You are a good social commentator and speak from your heart. Lets hope that as foreigners in this beautiful land called Argentina that we can create a better society here for the future generations.