Anyone use Andrea's Style Rentals?


Aug 15, 2009
Hello all, I'm coming to BA for an extended stay in early Sept (for 3 months or so) and looking to have a furnished place to stay arranged when I arrive. I found an ad for "Andrea's Style Rentals" elsewhere on the forum, and I was wondering if anyone here had used her services, and/or knew her/the company to be reputable. I'm most concerned about sending a deposit to hold a flat and ending up there to find out things were a scam/fly by night, etc.

Any feedback welcome.
IIRC - Lee who posts here used them, they were recommended to me. I exchanged some emails with them before I found my own place & they seemed very nice and professional.

Also check the rentals forum here, you may have some luck.

I found her contact info and she has been very good to work with so far. I need a place asap and she was on it and sent me 3 places in less than 24 hours. The agency that I used for my current location told me last week they had 2 places for me to look at and I have not heard back from since.
she is definetly legit, very hard working and honest.