Apartment Rental Advice


Feb 16, 2009
Hi everyone,

I'm planning a trip to baires for a month in March. I've been looking around for reliable services that offer furnished short term apartment rentals. So far i'm leaning towards using www.bairesapartments.com, since i have read mostly positive reviews about them.

Has anyone had first hand experience with them? Or can suggest a better company?

I've been looking in the palermo neighborhood for anything around 800-1000usd a month. Any tips about do's and don'ts would be awesome, thanks!
I was never able to use byte; every time I requested an "available" apt, they got back to me slowly, telling me it was going to be in use at my requested date. I used Reynolds with great success. Paid $292/wk for one in Recoleta and $240 a week for an even nicer one in Palermo. ej
thanks everyone for the quick feedback. too bad everyone recommended a different service :confused: haha i guess ill have to just do a coin flip and go with a place i like.
I've also used byt and liked them. However I'm looking to extend my stay and am going to probably end up using a different service, just because of availability.
Also, I posted a request for housing on craigslist and got a lot of replies. I don't know if poeple recommend that route or not, but it might be something to look into.
thanks for more feedback,,

some of these rental services mention they can provide a cellphone that uses paycards, has anyone tried renting a cell phone like this before?

what is the standard rate for something like this?
hey Craigs List can be awesome....... sometimes.

I have looked for many apartments on there before, and sometimes you can find amazing deals. But on the other hand a lot of rental company's are now on there and some people (not all) will post apartments way above the going rate. Just be cautious, and ask about the renting conditions, contracts, and commission fees. And go see before going to rent...
one place i found was good that was http://www.soloduenos.com.ar
They are usually owners only, and can get a good rate, and pay no comissions.
hope it helps.!