Apple Computer


Nov 25, 2009
When I come down to Buenos Aires in mid December I want to be able to bring my iMac. It has a 20" screen and is about 2 years old. Because of it's size I will be unable to have it be my carry-on so I will have to ship it.

My questions are:

Would I have to pay the crazy tax I keep reading about on this iMac?
What would I need in order for it to work in Argentina (since it has an american plug)?
And finally, are there any other suggestions as to how I would get it down there?
I packed an iMac once going to Greece, and the Greeks are just as prickish as the Argentines about such things. I can't promise you that you won't have any problems, but you should bring a receipt showing that it's oldish if you can, and if the thing has signs of wear, all the better. Make sure you have a story at the ready on why you need such a computer and always insist that it's for your own personal use. For instance, you can say that you are working on a movie project while you're down here and need a large screen to work on some production stuff.

The plug is no problem. All Apples work fine here without a need to change the power via a transformer. I'm working on an Apple right now that's plugged right into the wall. What you WILL need is an "Australian grounded adapter." If you look up those three words on Amazon, you'll get several hits like this one:

I packed my iMac in a large rectangular suitcase a couple of times without incident with lots of soft clothing all around it to absorb shock. As a bonus, this also makes it look more like it's for personal use. Also, an iMac is just about the exact size of a carry on bag's limit. You could also look for a bag that it just barely fits into. You might even consider lugging it to a TJ Maxx or Marshall's on an unbusy day and see if it fits into anything.

Good luck!
Don't ship it! Bring it with you as checked luggage. I have several friends who brought theirs this way.

Sleuth is right. Do not ship it. You WILL pay a lot in taxes if you do, and you don't want to have to deal with 'aduana' (customs in Argentina).

I brought down a newer, larger, iMac for the landlord of a house I was working for. I actually packed it in checked luggage in protective foam and bubble wrap. I was stopped by 'aduana' when I was entering through the airport. I faked not speaking much Spanish, and when I was asked what it was for, I said I was staying for a few months and it was for personal use like reading emails, watching movies, playing games etc. When asked if I was going to take it with me when I left the country, my response was "Absolutely"!

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND saying you are using it for some kind of work. That could get you into more trouble, especially as far as entering the country.

I'm not saying that you'll have the exact same experience, but if you don't have many visa stamps coming and going from US to Argentina (which might make them believe you are constantly bringing in electronics as a business), and you aren't transporting a bunch of other computers/electronics, I don't think they'll give you much hassle.

Hope that helps. Any other questions or concerns, send me a private message.