are there any swiss expatriates?


hi everybody!
sometimes I really wish I could speak a little swiss is there anybody from Switzerland?????Zurich, Baden, Wettingen.....?
anyway: to all of you a very nice weekend!
big hug


Hi Elina. I´m American from Austro-German family, and I go a lot to the Club Europeo. They are 10 local country-community clubs, that have united following Europe as a whole. Many German and Swiss come to the Club. I suggest you come by to speak German on Mondays and also to other events, such as opera, concerts, etc.
The link is
If you want more info, details, or questions feel free to ask me at:
Cheers, Joe


Franco-Swiss?? Italo-Swiss? Come to the Club Europeo anyway.! We hold French and Italian on Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm.


DH is Swiss Italian but we live in the French part. We are still investigating the option of moving to BsAs & will be visiting in a few weeks. I will write an intro soon. I'm just trying to read up as much as possible now! :)Had to jump in the Swiss thread! ;)